Become a Professional Rapper like Eloway Music

Become a Professional Rapper like Eloway Music 1

Become a Professional Rapper

Rap music, mostly hip hop, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Who doesn’t envy successful rappers who make gold money and have a party-filled lifestyle? But rap is more than a way to make a fortune. Rap is an incredibly powerful form of artistic expression that makes music of the complexity of the human language not just the human voice. From the terrible to the philosophical, from light-hearted jokes to the urban struggle, raps can be about anything  it’s about writing catchy lyrics and conveying them with style. However, it is not easy to become a rapper. After all, there are many haters and competitors who hope that you will fail. But if you focus well, make great music, build a fan base and make the right connections.

Learn to merge words with rhythm, rhyme, and meaningful patterns. At the most basic level, rapping rhymes lyrics to a beat. But good raps use a variety of linguistic techniques, such as alliteration, repetition, and puns. In addition, good raps have good dynamics and flow to keep them interesting, while they stay on time.

Study poetry, literature and music to learn what is possible.

Make it a game to cast all your everyday phrases in the form of improvised rap. This will give you fresher ideas. Plus, it will help you instinctively learn how words flow together. Write every day. Write about topics you know and care about, but don’t hesitate to experiment. Write down texts that pop up in your head right away, but also try to take the time to sit down. This way you can compose whole songs with multiple verses, choruses and bridges. Write down as many interesting phrases and verses as you can. During his career, Eminem collected dozens of boxes full of notepads with rap texts. You should at least be able to fill a booklet.

Continue to practice, practice and practice your transfer. You won’t get there with the world’s best lyrics alone. You also have to be able to convey them with confidence, dynamism, flow and charisma. Practice conveying your lyrics loudly and passionately, and try to do that as often as possible. Experiment with different tempos, volumes, intonations and breathing pauses. Learn the lyrics of other rappers with flow by heart and try to rap them. If you think you’ve mastered them, try to find and rap the instrumental version of your favorite track  without the original rapper’s voice helping you. If you can, try rapping the track a hand. Study the greats. Listen to famous and influential rappers and study their lyrics. Pay attention to the different techniques they apply and how they structure their songs. Determine which styles you like and try to develop an understanding of the genre. Try to figure out what the references and the inside jokes of classic rap lyrics mean. You can be inspired

by other rappers, but don’t be an impersonator. At some point you will have to let go of everything else and focus on your own music.

Make sure you have next-level beats. Every good rap record has a unique and catchy beat that ensures that it stands head and shoulders above the mediocre records on the radio. Buying equipment and software to make your own beats can be quite expensive. And learning how to do that is often just as great a challenge as learning to rap. However, if you can afford the time and money it is definitely worth making your own beats. This gives you more creative control over your tracks and a deeper understanding of the music.

If you don’t want to make your own beats, you can hire a producer or start a partnership. Make sure that person has talent listen to some of his / her other music before spending your money on it. If you’re just getting started and can’t afford your own beats yet, consider downloading and raping instrumental versions of popular rap records. Just be careful not to misuse copyrighted material. Moreover, you can of course not continue to use the tracks of other rappers forever.  Make your first mix tape. Many people think that a mix tape is a collection of songs by multiple artists that you burn on a disc for your boyfriend or girlfriend. But for aspiring rappers, a mix tape is just like an album only usually a little less sophisticated, and often distributed informally or for free. If you have some songs you’re happy with, combine the best seven-fifteen tracks for your mix tape.

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