Benefits of Having Flowers and Plants at Home

Benefits of Having Flowers and Plants at Home 1

Benefits of Having Flowers and Plants at Home

Certainly, we all like to receive flowers and be able to decorate each of our spaces, or even with plants, both for its delicate beauty or for its aroma, but did you know that not only serve as decoration? Having flowers or plants has many benefits, and of course when you know you will try to have them in your home and work more frequently.

Naturally aromatic

The most fundamental of all, and also by which many flowers and plants stand out: its aroma. When we want to give a very pleasant aroma to our home or work, an easy and beautiful way is to use flowers, choose a local florist when buying flowers for home. It is very important to take into account that it is a natural flavoring agent, since those sold in stores can have negative health effects, in addition to the fact that most of them are a significant source of pollution. Plants and flowers, in addition to decorating their location, provide a natural and safe aroma.

It improves mood and helps fight depression

We all know that receiving and sending flowers strengthens the bonds of union in interpersonal relationships. The gesture of sending flowers can mean many things, as much as an act of friendship like an act of love, and we can assure you in our experience that it is a very beautiful way of expressing our feelings, and of course we can also assure you that the people who receive them also have a great wave of feelings, sympathy, tenderness, joy and even love.

For people who suffer from depression, flowers are not only a distraction from where they are and from their daily routine, but they also remind them that there are people who love and care for them. And who hope they will soon recover. Taking care of plants, like watering them, pruning them and watching them sprout or bloom, is an extremely therapeutic process.

Relaxation and good humor

The emotional benefits of plants and flowers are due to their color and fragrance. You’ve probably heard that colors influence our mood. Well, with flowers the same thing happens, for example, the soft colors tend to calm us down, while the more intense colors tend to increase our perception of energy. In terms of aroma, flowers tend to put us in a good mood and relax us. Sending flowers like freesia, roses, or nards, have a pleasant aroma that will surely relax anyone. In the case of plants, we can also benefit from these advantages

They purify the air

As we know, through the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and transform it into oxygen, which completes the respiratory process of humans, since we need oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This is how plants improve the air quality we have inside our home.

They help us breathe better

Plants, by their nature, bring moisture to the environment, which translates into less dryness in the environment and less dust particles in our home. This helps prevent breathing problems like coughing.

Sazón and natural remedies

In any space, even if it is small, it is possible to find a place with natural light, it can be near a window, where we can put plants that we will use to season our meals, like basil and oregano, as well as plants we can use to make natural remedies, such as rosemary and aloe vera.

They reduce static electricity

Because of their ability to generate moisture in the environment, plants can help reduce static electricity in our home as it increases in dry environments.

It helps you reduce the feeling of tiredness

They eliminate smoke, pathogenic and volatile microorganisms and capture dust, reducing their presence in the air by up to 20%. With this cleaning, the feeling of fatigue that we feel as a result of a charged atmosphere is reduced.

They reduce noise

Plants “muffle noises” especially in closed places and hard soils. Acoustic disturbances are more noticeable when the frequency of sound is very high.

They fight against pollution

They absorb harmful gases and chemical particles, which are processed by plants and transformed into nutrients using bacteria present at the root. The best results are obtained by having plants of different species at home. Does someone who lives with you smoke? Plants absorb formaldehyde (tobacco smoke) and benzene, found in cigarettes, so buy lots of plants to combat all of these harmful gases and enjoy a cleaner environment (and of course, explain to this person that smoking is dangerous for his health).

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