Best Anime Series on Netflix

Anime Series on Netflix

Are you interested in venturing out to a new genre-type for your binge-fest? Why not dive into a relatively mainstream yet highly addictive set of anime series originated from Japan. If you are familiar with this term, you must also be familiar with its popularity throughout the world and not just in Japan.

Anime series and movies are highly addictive. Hence some of the shows have hundreds of episodes under their tag and you will find numerous of them on Netflix and other popular websites for free. We’ll get more on that later.

We have compiled a list of some of the best Anime series on Netflix, so you don’t have to bother much about finding the best series and getting lost in the rabbit hole of anime on Netflix. Most of the Animes have exciting storylines that are hard to resist, so let’s see what we have added to this list of best anime series on Netflix without further due.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 1

Death Note

Probably one of the most popular and dark anime shows, Death Note revolves around death and what happens when a cynical highschooler gets his hands on it and uses it to clean the “dirt” of earth. But suspicious deaths lead the police to involve an expert detective, “L,” to figure out who the real culprit is. A show with dark humor, all episodes of Death Note are available on Netflix.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 2

Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Estranged by their father and a dead mother, two brothers desperate to get their mother back, they take help from forbidden sorcery and end up paying a price none of them could have imagined, they lose their bodies. And in order to get them back, they must find their way out of it soon, and the journey is filled with adventures. If you are unable to access these shows on Netflix, then the chances that they are geo-restricted are high; by getting a reliable VPN for Netflix, you can break in the geo-restriction wall and stream all these shows on Netflix.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 3

One Punch Man

If we have to compare One Punch Man with any of those superheroes out there, Deadpool will make an excellent example. Saitama is your hero, but unlike how most of them are. He fights evil because it’s fun, and he can do so with a single punch. One Punch Man is hilarious and definitely a fun watch for newbies as well as die-hard anime fans.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 4

Devil man: Crybaby

An accurate description of this show may not exist because nothing can do justice to the show unless you watch it yourself. Akira, a softie at heart, transforms into one of the demons who are back to reclaim earth from humankind. His body may be that of a demon, but his soul remains the same, and Akira is all set to save other human-demon hybrids.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 5

Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura seems like your regular boy next door, but he holds a grave secret, he’s the son of Satan. And to make things even more interesting, he is attending school to become an exorcist. Watch the show to find how he battles the demons outside and within.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 6

Food Wars

Anime and food go a long way, and Spirited Away has already set a rather mouthwatering benchmark when it comes to displaying a variety of scrumptious dishes. Food Wars is about a young sous chef’s journey from a small family business to a prominent culinary institute where he not only gets to polish his talent but comes across some of the best young chefs from all over.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 7


Imagine going back in time for a few minutes to save the ill happening closeby, easy, right? But now Satoru has to travel back 18 years to prevent a killer from bringing about an effective change in current times. The psychological thriller is worth the watch and readily available on Netflix for you to stream right away.

Best Anime Series on Netflix 8

Parasyte: The Maxim

17-year old Shinichi Izumi is infected by a parasite, but he has to maintain his own dominance over his body and co-exist with the creature as he poses a grave threat to his existence along with that of everyone else.

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