Best Data Science Service Providers in Ukraine

Data Science Service Providers In Ukraine

Data science is a subtle and complex area that requires in-depth study. If your business needs to process and analyze digital information, update the database or optimize workflows, it is better to hire a team of professionals.

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center provides quality data science services. With our team, even the most conservative companies will find a path to digital progress and will better understand how artificial intelligence can help grow their businesses.

Data Science service providers in Ukraine

Since data science can be called a fairly new phenomenon, it can be extremely difficult to find professionals who would be perfectly trained to work in this field. Even in European countries and the United States, there is a shortage of data scientists.

There are several companies in Ukraine that can provide business leaders with an excellently trained team of programmers who are well versed in data science and have experience in this field. These companies include:

  1. N-iX. The company has been in the market for over 17 years. During this time it has managed to gather an impressive staff of highly qualified employees. Data science professionals at N-iX develop custom mining and data analytics software tools, turning massive amounts of raw data into valuable insights for businesses around the world.
  2. Intellias. This data service provider has already created several efficient algorithms that are successfully used by popular businesses. Thus, the Intellias team has invented a solution to facilitate the study of foreign languages, based on proven scientific discoveries, artificial intelligence and NLP. This e-learning app allows users to learn from their own mistakes by providing automatic corrective feedback.
  3. Sigma. Thanks to the Apache Hadoop infrastructure and Circonus monitoring system, experts can process thousands of NTTP requests per second and make billions of requests about clients behaviour.
  4. SoftServe. The main focus of the company is economic optimization, systematization and storage of digital data. The company’s data science professionals create analytical models and products for clients and develop internal solutions for businesses.
  5. Eleks. The company has offices in the United States and the Great Britain. Special attention should be paid not only to the wide range of services but also to its own data science research center.

Experts believe that data science will revolutionize the world of programming. But in fact, data science is doing it right now. Many companies have taken up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing artificial intelligence into their workflow, and some other specialized enterprises are helping them to implement this idea.

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