Best MLS Football Players This Season

Best Mls Football Players This Season

Carlos Vela and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez set to appear on the list of the best MLS football players this season – and the competition is getting stiff 

Some of the top talented athletes like Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have exited the Major League Soccer. However, there is still some plenty of talent to keep you glued on your screen, watching the best matches or placing your bet on PlayCroco Casino.

 The MLS will be more competitive than before, given that most of the top clubs in the league like LA Galaxy and 2019 finalist Seattle Sounders FC have signed some of the best players in world football.

Well, the MLS is almost halfway for the first-leg. Some of the top players are already showing their prowess. Let’s look at some of the big names we can expect to shine in the 2020/2021 MLS season. Here is a list of the best five players we believe will shake the Major League Soccer (MLS) this season.

1. Carlos Vela

Carlos Vela is one of the biggest players you should expect to shine in the MLS this season. The 31 years old Mexican international is currently playing for Los Angeles as a forward. Before joining his current club, he played for Arsenal, Osasuna, and Real Sociedad. Vela is a talented forward, and we can expect him to help his club end the league on the right foot again.

His performance on the pitch is evident – he was able to net at least 34 goals and 15 assists last season. He has a distinctive trademark of passing along the opposition with pace. His dribbling skills are also exemplary, making him one of the top talents to watch out as the MLS kicks off.

2. Nicolas Lodeiro

Nicolas Lodeiro is also one of the most talented footballers gracing the MLS. The Uruguayan international has been around to help Seattle Sounders win the MLS cup twice, in 2016 and 2019. His in-depth experience as a forward has made him a useful player for the Pacific Northwest.

In 2018, Lodeiro netted 11 goals setting his new record for the club. He scored four goals for the 2016 post-season helping the club clinch the MLS Cup that season. Lodeiro joined Seattle Sounders in 2016 from the Argentina side, Boca Junior.

3. Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris is set to become one of the best American footballers so far. Playing for the 2019 MLS cup holders, Seattle Sounders, he has proved useful for the club. He sustained a serious injury that forced him out of the pitch for a great part of the 2018 season. However, he won the Comeback Player of the Year award after scoring 13 goals last season.

In their run for the MLS, Seattle Sounders depended a lot on Jordan Morris for his great midfield and attacking skills. Morris is also known in the MLS for his predominant defensive skills. He seems an all-round player, and as the 2020 season sets in, we can expect the best from him.

His club is also looking forward to retaining the MLS cup, and this should motivate him to continue working hard on the pitch. Morris plays alongside Raul Raydian and Nicolas Lodeiro, creating attacking forces not seen before in the MLS for years. His work rate and exceptional talent make him one of the top talents to spice up the MLS this season.

4. Gonzalo Martinez 

Gonzalo Martinez is one of the best MLS players in 2020. The Argentine international left-winger has been playing for Atlanta United FC since 2019. The player had a bogus welcome to the MLS last season as he tried to catch up with the league. He joined the club after Miguel Almiron’s departure to Newcastle United.

After getting some playtime, Martinez convinced his manager Frank De Boer that he deserves a chance in the first eleven. This year, we should expect to see the winger doing all the best to help his club win the MLS cup.

5. Javier Hernandez 

Javier Hernandez, also known as ‘Chicharito,’ is one of the top footballers the MLS will ever host. During his days in the Premier League, Hernandez became a popular name, and most Los Angeles Galaxy fans were waiting to get his transfer.

Well, at the 31, Hernandez is now the LA Galaxy player on a three-year contract. He brings with him some new skills to the club as one of the fastest payers in the league because of his height and dribbling skills– and don’t forget, the highest-paid. The forward has improved his current club, especially after the exit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Chicharito is an exceptional player that the LA Galaxy is proud to have in the first team. He is a great asset to the club as he brings new attacking skills and press from the front. The Mexican footballer joined LA Galaxy in January 2020, making his debut on 29 February.

Final Thoughts 

MLS has a lot of talent to offer. Most players in this league have done a lot for their clubs. However, only the best will catch the limelight. These five stars are some of the best footballers you should following MLS  for the 2020 season.

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