Best Packaging Solutions for Automotive Parts

Best Packaging Solutions for Automotive Parts

The automobile industry has a turnover of millions of dollars every year and auto parts are a huge part of it. Auto parts are made in different parts of the world and shipped from everywhere. While choosing the packaging of automotive parts, you need to do proper research on what kind of auto parts boxes are most suitable for your products. There are two major kinds of packaging. Both of these types are easily available at OBTPackaging.

  1. Expendable

This packaging is based on a design that follows a single-use formula. These auto parts boxes get disposed of when they reach the customer. These boxes are mostly made of paper or wood. The wood used in the making of crates is usually plywood or corrugated wood and can easily be thrown away after use.  Expendable packaging is also very pocket-friendly for business owners.

  1. Returnable

Returnable packaging has its meaning in the name. It is made of really strong materials such as crates, racks, and pallets. These custom auto parts boxes are recyclable and can be used again. This kind is very environmentally friendly and has much less impact than the one-time-use packaging.

Packaging Solutions

Multiple packaging solutions lie in both above-given categories. It is on your budget and convenience which ones you want to use for your product.

Light Product Boxes

These auto part boxes are made of paper and are expendable in nature. Light product boxes are used to store small and lightweight parts. These products do not need too much protection but they are wrapped in plastic sheets inside the box to avoid any kind of scratch. As they are expendable, these boxes do not have any reuse. They can be squished very easily so are thrown away right after using the product.

Foldable Containers

Foldable containers are made of very strong cardboard material. These boxes are from the returnable category. Foldable containers are used to store and move heavy auto parts. These boxes can be collapsed easily after use and can be reused when required.

Foldable containers are also very eco-friendly. They are made of recyclable material and help in reducing the carbon footprint of packaging materials. Foldable containers can also be made into custom auto parts boxes.

Foam Laminated Boxes

We are living in the age of online shopping and auto parts are not exempted from it. For the products that are very fragile and costly, the best choice is to use foam laminated boxes. These auto parts boxes already have cushions built into them. The walls of the boxes have a layer of foam in them. Foam laminated boxes reduce the chance of damage that can be caused during the shipment and transit of the product. This kind of auto part boxes can also be found at OBTPackaging


Box Sleeve Pack

Some auto parts are used for the luxury customization of automobiles. These parts come in special auto part boxes that are called box sleeve packs.

Box sleeve packs have an outer layer of cardboard around them and they come out like a drawer from it. The customizations are usually expensive and are packed premium quality boxes that refer to their quality and prices. This packaging is a little costly than the others but the people who love to get their automobiles customized would love to pay for it.

Styrofoam Covers

Styrofoam is one of the best solutions to keep auto parts from moving. They are usually used for bigger parts and are custom-made for the shape of the product and size of the box. It provides cushion to the products and keeps them at their place. Styrofoam covers are not easy to dispose of though.

Structures for Partition

Then there are small products that are packed in the same auto parts box. These parts need to be packed in a way in the box that they don’t rub against each other. For this purpose, some partitions are used.

There are whole structures of partition that are used to prevent damage. These structures have trays with built-in partitions and sometimes some partitions can be inserted in any box. A partition should be part of all the packaging holding more than one product. If the budget is low and the parts packed are also cheap then you can use bubble wrap instead of cardboard partitions. Bubble wrap is economical and protects the products too.


The basic and main goal of custom auto part boxes is to make sure that the product remains safe. Any packaging which fulfills this objective can be used as auto parts boxes. However, it is greater to use the boxes made of recyclable or biodegradable materials. OBTPackaging provides business owners with a huge range of environment-friendly boxes. The production process of automotive parts is quite polluting and by choosing eco-friendly packaging you can reduce the potential pollution.

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