Best Slots Developers: Are There Any New Names?

Best Slots Developers

Online slot games, or ‘video slots’ are more popular now than ever before, and with the market of slot developers becoming more and more crowded, it is the task of the few to rise to the top of the pile and deliver premium quality content to all of you big players.

The last couple of years has seen some slight changes in the big names of online slot games including up to 500 free spins bonus, some old faces cropping back up and some new blood, taking risks and innovating the iGaming scene. What were the best online slot game developers of last year? And who is bringing out games in the future that we can all look forward to? Let’s take a closer look.

What makes a good online slot developer?

There are a few features that take online slot game developers from your average run of the mill content creators, to the best in the business:

  • Visual Experience – if you want to be considered among the best online slot developers, the visuals that you big players experience are a key factor. With developments in video slots reaching new heights, it’s important that the slot games have succinct animation and graphics, consistent themes, and punchy colour schemes.
  • Mobile compatibility – if an online slot game developer is worth their salt, they’ll know that mobile compatibly is becoming a more and more important feature for your day-to-day convenience. Online slot games are simple and fun, so if you can’t pull your phone at on your way home from work, you’d move to a different game that will enable you to do so.
  • Strong Bonuses and RTP – Although online slots are so much about the experience of playing win or lose, we all know it’s much more fun when your winning! Slot games that give you loyalty rewards, and have a strong return to player percentage, give you the chance to win more often.

Best online slot game developers

Here are a few of the top echelon of online slot developers, the names, the games, and what features make them the crème de la crème of online slots.

  • NetEnt is a well-established casino game developer that creates a broad range of different casino games, that of course include online slots (with strong mobile compatibility). NetEnt are award winning for a variety of different games, some of which include the mesmeric ‘Butterfly Staxx’, the fun and playful ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and the daunting but enthralling ‘Warlords’.
  • Yggdrasil are the masters of the visual experience, with slick animations, fantastic marketing, and well-crafted stories and characters that go along with their online slot games. Yggdrasil know how to catch your eye and keep you hooked.
  • Playtech are a gaming developer that provide games for both mobile and online platforms and therefore have a strong hold on both markets. They’ve recently signed a deal with DC COMICS to develop an exciting batch of comic-themes online slots.

Here is a list of new developers to look out for:

1.      1×2 Gaming

2.      Iron Dog Studio

3.      JFTW

4.      NuWorks Gaming

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