BlizzCon 2019 : Blizzard announces Overwatch 2

BlizzCon 2019

Blizzard has quite recently announced Overwatch 2, the continuation of its mainstream group shooter Overwatch, in front of an audience at Blizzcon 2019. 

The first Overwatch was released around 3 years back, and keeping in mind that Blizzard has kept on growing the game with new maps, game mode and heroes, it hasn’t gotten a significant update like this in the lifetime of the game. 

By including a real story mode, the sequel will hope to develop the legend that Blizzard has gradually been structure for the Overwatch universe in the course of recent years with in-game substance and expound artistic shorts. 

The Overwatch 2 declaration motion picture grabs after the assortment of short movies that Blizzard has released up until now, seeing the legends of Overwatch going head to head against Null Sector — an attacking robot power. In contrast to the first game, which was basically a PvP multiplayer experience, the continuation has all the earmarks of being stressing agreeable PvE content that will see players go head to head against a large number of PC foes in both story levels and increasingly replayable “legend missions.” Players will likewise have the option to step up their heroes and alter their capacities, in another first for the establishment. 

Additionally new is a shiny new visual style, with every one of the characters and existing maps getting new design plans for the sequel. Two of those new legends are Echo, a robot highlighted in Overwatch’s Blizzcon short a year ago, and Sojourn, which Blizzard executive Jeff Kaplan prodded yet wouldn’t give further subtleties on. 

Blizzard is adopting a whimsical strategy to the sequel, promising “a mutual multiplayer condition,” where current Overwatch players will have the option to play against Overwatch 2 players in PvP multiplayer and will approach all the new Overwatch 2 legends and maps. 

There’s no word yet with respect to when players ought to expect Overwatch 2 to be actually released. Blizzard has just declared that the continuation is “being developed” and that more subtleties will come soon.

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