Blogger or Vlogger? Let’s Clarify by RakanTime

Blogger or Vlogger? Let's Clarify by RakanTime 1

Blogger or Vlogger? Let’s Clarify by RakanTime

RakanTime says “Nowadays there are many terms to define online activities. We are not just talking about Social Media Manager and Instant Marketer, but also about Blogger, Vlogger and Fashion Blogger. Let’s see together the difference between these figures and what they really do in life.”

RakanTime is a famous vlogger with two million subscribers and over one hundred fifty million views on YouTube. He lives and publishes fun posts on social media in the United States. He has many videos such as sharing his life, challenging videos and a famous Halloween video series. He has disseminated his videos in the MENA region. He has a video series in which he visits the most famous places in different countries. He has a second channel with a subscriber of over one hundred fifty thousand subscribers. He had a recent viral video with over five million views in which he surprised his siblings with gifts. Let’s know details about social media terminologies in detail.

What is a BLOGGER and what does it do on the web

To make it very simple, a blogger is the creator and editor of a blog. The blog is an online space where the loaded multimedia contents are displayed, from the most recent to the oldest. Bloggers are defined as all those who periodically publish posts on their blog, that is news similar to a newspaper article on the most varied topics. A post, or article, is usually composed as follows:

  • Title of impact
  • Subtitle if needed
  • Text related image
  • Text

The rules for becoming a good blogger are in a few simple tricks, assimilated into two categories:


The text must be well-formatted, with a smooth reading, and contained in an easily navigable and user friendly site.


It’s very simple. If you have nothing to say that can interest, educate, excite … don’t open a blog.

What is a VLOGGER and what does it do on the web

The term Vlog comes from the union of the words video and blog. The Blog, as we have seen above, is a site that collects posts. These articles are published frequently and are like a personal diary. Now consider a diary created in the form of a video, and published on YouTube. Here is the VLOG!

vlogger is therefore the one who decided to open his blog by publishing only videos.
His text is no longer intended for reading by the user, but it is he himself who communicates it to the camera, and therefore to us.

RakanTime, the popular Youtube vlogger, continues to delight his crowd in the Arabian Peninsula and in the America. Best known for his funny videos in the MENA zone, he also has a fast growing new channel for U.S. fans. On his Instagram RakanTime account, we tracked him. Shortly after an email interview he responded to help us understand how he has achieved such remarkable results in a short time and shared some quick information about his channels. We shall release his detail interview in near future, stay tuned with Zobuz.

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