Slot Games

Slot Games with Bonuses to Play

The vast majority of slot games online casinos will provide new players some motivation to play. These are great bonuses. This might seem strange because the casino is giving out…

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Online Sports Games

Online Sports Games with Bonuses to Play

New players would be inspired to compete with the vast majority of online casinos. These incentives are fantastic. It may be weird that the casino invests ‘free money’ but it’s…

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Thunderstruck 2 slot guide

Thunderstruck 2 Slot Guide

The massive success of Thunderstruck has led the i-Gaming industry leader, Microgaming to release this slot second edition. More entertaining with the addition of many more bonus and rewarding icons,…

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League of Legends

How is ELO Boosting Perceived in the LOL Community?

Whether it is League of Legends or any other title of a similar category, there are always players that look for shortcuts to rise above the in-game rankings. In this…

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Video games for the elderly

Video games for the elderly: Do their benefits allow them to replace certain treatments?

The benefits of several targeted video games are proven on the moral health and cognitive abilities of the elderly. This was demonstrated by a Californian experiment made on 100 seniors…

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