right AWS certification partner

How to find the right AWS certification partner to suit your budget

The importance of having an AWS certification partner is evident in the fact that every enterprise today has an AWS account. The infrastructure of AWS is not only popular but…

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Apple M1 Chip


The simplest and most convenient way to think about the latest MacBook Pro entry level is to have MacBook Air with a fan. Seriously, The fan’s two new laptops built…

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Digital Marketing

AI: Paving The Way for Digital Marketing In Singapore

2020 is the year when millions worldwide finally wake up to the astronomical capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This year’s Harvard study supports the fact that AI could potentially…

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track GPS Location

Time to track GPS Location Using Cell Phone Tracker

Scrolling news through social media allows us to know what is happening around us. The cases of kidnapping and abduction have been increased in no time. The most common victims…

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Revolution of Video Conferencing Tools

The Revolution of Video Conferencing Tools and LMSs in the Domain of E-learning

The use of Learning Management Software (LMS) and video conferencing software has got a  steep spike during this pandemic. In order to execute remote meetings, an online conferencing software is…

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