CBD + CBN Sleep Tincture: Will It Help You?

Cbd + Cbn Sleep Tincture

In the past few years, we have already seen a surge in demand for CBD. The main reason for the high demand is its efficacy for several disorders. Further, sellers are now offering combinations of different cannabinoids to make them even more effective.

One such magical combination is CBD and CBN. CBD and CBN are natural compounds that come with their benefits. Using them together will further boost their potency.

Sleep disorders, irregular sleeping patterns, and insomnia are common problems in the world. According to official data, sleep disorders affect around 70 million Americans every year. Moreover, 30% to 50% of people suffer insomnia symptoms. In comparison, 10% to 15% suffer chronic insomnia.

This article will focus on different aspects of CBD and CBN sleep tincture and how they can treat sleep disorders.

But first, let us have an overview of both the compounds.

What is CBD?

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Cannabidiol, which is popular among people as CBD, is a natural component of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is one of the eighty biologically active chemical compounds obtained from the cannabis plant.

THC is the main compound found in the marijuana plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive natural compound. It does not get you high, and this is where it differs from THC.

Both marijuana and Hemp plants can procure CBD. However, as prescribed by the 2018 farm bill, CBD items containing less than 0.3% of THC are legalized in the USA. However, the FDA has approved only one CBD product. It is a prescription drug product to treat seizures.

What is CBN?

CBN, also known as Cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid from the Cannabis Sativa plant and THC and CBD. It is a non-intoxicating compound. It is created when THC ages and is commonly found in older compounds.

CBN is a comparatively new compound, and research is currently going on. Certain small studies have shown it is a potent antibacterial agent. It also produces neuroprotective properties and stimulates appetite.

How can CBD and CBN tincture induce sleep?

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Tinctures are a direct method of supplying compounds to the body. Tinctures have been in use since ancient times. They are made by mixing an extract with alcohol. You can also use some carrier oil like MCT oil for mixing the extract if you do not want to use alcohol.

To analyze the action of CBD and CBN tincture for sleep, let us start by individually analyzing the action of each of the compounds.

CBD action for inducing sleep

Factors such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, certain medications, chronic pain, and external factors can cause irregular sleeping patterns. If the following factors cause your sleep disorder, CBD might help deal with it.

Several studies have shown the effective use of CBD for managing different types of anxiety disorders. For example, the research involved 72 participants, with 47 experiencing anxiety and 25 experiencing inadequate sleep. Every day 25 milligrams of CBD was provided to each partaker. The end reports show that 79.2% of participants experienced lower anxiety symptoms, and 66.7% experienced increased deep sleep.

Another major cause of sleeplessness is chronic pain. A 2018 review reveals that CBD can help to manage chronic pain. Hence, it can improve sleep in individuals with chronic pain.

Another 2014 research shows CBD can improve REM sleep behavior disorder (RDP). RDP can cause poor sleep and nightmares. A 2017 review shows similar results.

A 2014 study CBD affects grogginess, a symptom of insomnia. It shows CBD has the potential to promote wakefulness.

Why does CBD induce sleep?

The same action of CBD for insomnia is still unknown. However, certain studies show that CBD can interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for sleep, appetite, balance, and stability.

Some research shows that CBD can tackle the root cause of insomnia. Nonetheless, further examination is mandated to comprehend the action of CBD for sleep solely.

CBN action for inducing sleep

CBN is a non-psychoactive and one of the minor compounds from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Apart from some small studies, there is no detailed data to support the use of CBN for improving sleep. CBN can manage primary factors that lead to sleep disorders.

CBN has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to manage symptoms of chronic pain. It can reduce pain and associated psychological arousal. Chronic pain can cause disturbances in sleep patterns. CBN can make individuals with chronic pain more relaxed at bedtime and helps them to fall asleep quickly.

Certain small animal studies have shown that CBN makes individuals feel relaxed. This, in turn, helps to get better sleep and consistency in sleeping patterns. However, more research is still needed to understand the potential use of CBN for sleep disorders.

CBD and CBN together for sleep disorders

Both CBD and CBN have properties to induce sleep. Consequently, numerous users have shifted to CBD + CBN tinctures rather than choosing a single compound. Taking a tincture consisting of both compounds is more effective for sleep disorders. Several studies have revealed that a mixture of CBD and CBN is potent. 

How can you take CBD and CBN tinctures?

Tinctures are usually taken sublingually. This method allows direct absorption of the compound in the bloodstream. Rub the liquid into the tissue inside your mouth to make it more effective.

You can also add tinctures to your food or beverages. However, it will take more time to get absorbed and experience the results.

Are CBD and CBN legal?

Many countries have decided to legalize the usage of CBD and CBN. The credit goes to its practical purposes. Following the 2018 farm bill, CBD items containing less than 0.3% of THC are legal in the USA. However, some states still imply their laws. Hence, it is essential to check your local laws before buying or traveling any cannabis product.

Wrapping it up

Sleep disorder has become one of the common issues in today’s world. Even young individuals below the age of 30 are experiencing insomnia. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has further enhanced the problem. Even though you can find many medications for insomnia on the market, several CBD news sources suggest that it is better to start with natural solutions. A tincture of CBD and CBN can help significantly with insomnia.

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