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The increase in the price of gemstones is significant and has continued for several years. Overall, there are first of all certain common factors such as the increase in production costs due on the one hand to the increase in the cost of energy and on the other hand to the decrease in productive deposits. The population increases and the resources in gemstones decrease. The increase in the cost of production is also due in some countries to better rules for respecting the environment. Some stones increase less than others like white diamonds or tanzanites. But these conditions can change quickly if investment or even fashion phenomena occur like countries like China. Production may then no longer be sufficient to meet demand and prices will soar. Chamal Gems have grown in the past 5 years with an average of 10% per month. Well per month, not per year. Writing this is not with the aim of making an attractive proposition on the future, but only information on what has happened on this market in recent years. This does not in any way imply the future.

This is particularly the case for certain important stones in rubies, sapphires and spinel’s. These price increases also affect white diamonds but only in the best qualities and certain sizes, as well as colored diamonds. At auctions like Sotheby’s or Christie’s, each time new carat price records are broken. And these records are driving up the rest of the market. To find out more about these records, see our page “Record gemstone prices”. Compared with other precious stones, white diamonds (apart from exceptional sizes) have a smaller but steady increase over the long term.

This is due to two main causes.

So, apart from exceptional diamonds in terms of their size and purity, according to my analysis, white diamonds are not an investment stone.

And we do not intervene on this type of large diamonds.

In our opinion, it is illusory to invest in “investment diamonds” apart from colored diamonds and very large white diamonds. Colored diamonds are very rare in beautiful qualities and sizes. The price of colored diamonds has soared in recent months and years. There is no objective reason for it to stop. This is all the more notable for the pink diamonds and the even rarer red diam onds from the Argyle mine in Australia. This mine is expected to close in the coming years; its primary source of income is the white dement and not colored diamonds. These pink and red diamonds will become even more rare.

But more surprisingly, some “basic” gemstones have seen their prices soar. An example: blue topaz. Our restocking is done at a triple price of two years ago! I must be very vigilant about these phenomena of increase. I am forced to regularly update the prices of stones and apply these increases on gemstones in stock. Indeed, long-term profit is not, contrary to popular belief, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price, but between the sale price and the purchase price of a new equivalent stone. If not, purchasing capacity decreases as sales are made. If I had not had this vigilance, I would no longer be available to serve you with passion as I have done for a quarter of a century.

We must also take into account the fluctuation in exchange rates between the dollar and for us the Euro. Indeed, purchases of fine stones and precious stones are made in dollars. So a rise or fall in the price of the dollar against the Euro will affect the price of gemstones sold in France all the more. Do you want to acquire a gemstone for an investment? Here is how I support you in your approach.  I would also like to warn that “placing” a sum in one or more precious stones is a risk-aware approach. Observing the very sharp increase in prices in recent years, analyzing the objective fact that the quantity of stones available only decreases in the face of an increasing population, should not make us forget the fact that we can neither predict nor guarantee the ‘to come up. It is necessary to define your budget, then the type of stone that you prefer. If your goal is an investment, you should not diminish your pleasure either. If you prefer blue sapphires, colored sapphires, spinel’s, I will be able to satisfy you and accompany you. Of all the stones that can be used in jewelry, the rarest stone is ruby. I speak, of course, that stones in the best quality. But the beautiful rubies of a certain size reach very substantial sums.

We will see together if a stock stone can be suitable. But, the most frequent case is the acquisition of a “fresh stone”, i.e. a gemstone that I can find you during one of my trips. This step must be done in total mutual trust. From the producing country, I will contact you by email or telephone describing the stone, sending you a video. If you confirm your agreement, the stones are paid immediately by bank transfer. You benefit from the best conditions, with a small additional discount from the seller due to the immediate payment and I do not have to include capital immobilization costs. All these stones are supplied with a laboratory certificate. In addition, for a large number of stones we can provide you with the guarantee of “ethical stones”, completely traced from the source of supply to you. We are working particularly in this direction in our project where you can even be received on site to choose your stone, if you wish.

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