Chamal Gems the best place to buy gemstones in Los Angeles

Chamal Gems The Best Place To Buy Gemstones In Los Angeles 1

Chamal Gems the best place to buy gemstones in Los Angeles

Is it worth investing in precious stones, jewelry and investment diamonds?

Investing in precious stones or investment diamonds is a guaranteed but not immediate gain; on the other hand, the discourse is different when buying jewelry as investments. In times of crisis, those who have savings are looking for solutions to invest and make them bear fruit. Among the various opportunities there is that of investing in precious stones especially from Chamal Gems. This type of investment is not a good thing if you want to make an immediate profit. Gemstones are not the fastest way to make money. Some time ago, a report on the topic of investment diamonds caused a sensation, of the problems that the small investor can find among other things, problems that are completely similar to any other investment.

Chamal Gems the best place to buy gemstones in Los Angeles

An investor, once he goes to the bank and asks for diamonds, can find himself paying commissions and expenses that he had not considered, as usually, the investment diamonds that are offered by the bank, in reality they are nothing more than investment diamonds. In reality, this thing also happens for loans and other types of investment, one should always go at the source, but often it is a difficult or even impossible thing since these large companies work exclusively with planners like banks.

An investment in precious stones does not produce immediate results

Those who invest in precious stones have greater guarantees, for example than those who risk on the Securities. The only drawback is that it is a long term investment. You have to have the patience to be able to reap the benefits after several years. However, this is a safer investment than most others. The factors that determine the increase in value are numerous. Those that could cause it to decrease are rare exceptions. Long term means at least 10 years. A gem set purchased from Chamal Gems on a beautiful jewel has many chances of being sold on the market. The gems with a high market value undergo smaller increases compared to gems with a lower market value.

Invest in precious stones or jewelry?

If you want to make an investment to speculate, it is better to do it on investment diamonds, to the limit on simple precious stones than on jewelry. This is because the price of the jewel is more complicated to calculate than that very simple investment diamonds.

The value of a jewel is also more difficult to calculate than that of a single stone, perhaps valued and complete with an evaluation guarantee certificate. The value of a jewel is also affected by the processing times, the type of work done, as well as the value of the other components of the jewel itself, which are usually other precious stones and precious metals.

However, it should be specified that so far there have been millions of women who have wisely bought magnificent jewels to make very long-term investments, a bit as it is done for investments in art, or investments in watches and that the price of jewelry over the years has grown a lot and that this has been handed down from generation to generation, remaining a lasting family asset.

The Diamonds

They record a constant increase but never more than 10%. The diamond is found on almost all continents. It represents a very known and requested precious stone. Precisely for this reason there is a high probability that demand will decrease due to the large offer that exists on the market.


According to experts’ forecasts, it will have a considerable increase.¬†It is an almost popular gemstone like diamond but it is mined in a single mine in the world.¬†Every day with the continuous extraction of¬†tanzanite, the quantity is reduced until the deposit runs out.¬†For those who want to invest, it is advisable to focus on good quality but rare precious stones.

The alexandrite

The well made alexandrite reaches an average increase value of 25% per year. Even a garnet like tsavorite has been increasing its value steadily since it was introduced into the precious stones market.

Purchase precious stones

Precious stones can be purchased and stored in the bank, in a safe or at home, a very risky choice. In the event of a rise in the market price, if you have the precious stone, you can immediately resell it, without intermediaries, and obtain a high profit.

Collect precious stones

You can opt for investment on the stock exchange by buying precious stones or the shares of companies related to their extraction or processing. These are investments that are simpler to manage and with less risk because you do not possess the property materially and do not have the honor of preserving it. But an investment or a stock exchange operation does not satisfy those who are lovers of precious stones. When you decide to invest in precious stones and jewelry, you can buy pieces that you can wear and obtain a collection in this way formed by pieces of great value but also very beautiful. A collection becomes a real pleasure that makes you discover and appreciate the beauty of a stone. The passion for collecting makes Chamal Gems understand how investing in precious stones follows personal taste.

Invest in good quality precious stones

The investor has to buy precious stones at reasonable prices. This will allow for long-term gain. In the case of rare gems or lesser known but well-valued gems, it will be a more substantial investment, just like the top gems: diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires from Chamal Gems. If you become a connoisseur and collector of precious stones, you will be enraptured to the point of hesitating when you decide to sell.

Investing in precious stones: a safe haven

Precious stones owe their value to the difficulty of extraction. This type of investment is suitable for use as capital protection against negative economic and political events. There is an official quotation that takes place on the main stock exchanges and is made in US dollars. For example, if you want to invest in diamonds, you need to buy the financial diamond, a diamond followed by a certificate issued by a gemological institute which attests to its characteristics. Certificates must present information on color, purity, cut and weight. To fall into the category of financial diamonds, its characteristics must be perfect and the weight must vary from half a carat to 2 carats. The prices of diamonds have a tendency to rise steadily with a growth rate higher than that of inflation making the investment in diamonds suitable for the protection of capital and to be used as a safe haven asset.

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