Checking Out the Best Eateries in Atlanta

Checking Out the Best Eateries in Atlanta

The American South is known for having its own diet, offering comfort food by the heaping serving, and ensuring nobody leaves hungry: but where is it the best?  The best food in the entire south is found in Atlanta.  This city has populations from around the world converging on one spot and working together to trade flavors and ideas until every dish is perfect.

If you’re ready for the best food you’ve ever tasted, these are the top restaurants to check! 

Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours

Dinner is the longest meal of the day, and Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours ensures that every second you spend here is a delight.  Offering modern soul food and southern classics mingling with creativity and fresh flavors, and some of the best drinks in the city, this stylish cookhouse is a fun stop for every one.  

Although the restaurant itself feels intimate and small, it’s fun to stop and explore the space while your food is being prepared.  The atmosphere is fantastic, the portion sizes and generous, and the seasoning is perfect- you’ll never want to leave this restaurant! 


Eats proves you don’t have to pay a lot to get something great, which stretches from the food to the houses for rent in Atlanta.  This awesome restaurant is the most affordable on this list, ensuring anyone can stop and have a bite to eat.  Serving it up cafeteria style, so you can get as much of whatever you want, you’ll want to head through the line time and time again to try new things and get seconds of others.

The most popular eats for locals are collared greens and chicken, but travelers are huge fans of the lemon chicken.

South City Kitchen Midtown

Brunch can be a fun way to spend time with friends and loved ones while sipping something bubbly and enjoying rich, delicious food that will make you crave a nap. South City Kitchen understands how to pack the flavor into every bite and offers everything from grilled fish to veggie curry and great brunch options.

The alcohol here is strong, so if you don’t know your limit, you should come with a friend so they can help you get home!  South City Kitchen is fun for everyone. 

Poor Calvin’s

One of the hottest cuisines in Atlanta over the last few years has been Thai food!  Poor Calvin’s offers awesome modern and classic Thai and Asian-fusion food, bringing the southern palette into consideration with every dish.

You’ll love the many different options for every meal, the extensive drink menu, and the affordable prices.  This is also an awesome restaurant for events, offering a space for birthdays, weddings, and so much more.  You’ll want to come back time and time again after your first bite.

Atlanta Understands Food

Whether you’re new to southern dishes or you want to try the best the south can offer, it’s time to dine in Atlanta.  This city knows how to serve it up hot and tasty, so don’t be afraid to follow your taste buds.

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