Choosing baby girl’s clothes: Easy guide

<strong>Choosing baby girl’s clothes: Easy guide</strong> 1

Did your best friend, sister or family member just have a baby? That’s excellent news! If you want to offer a garment as a birth gift, you will have to read these few tips to avoid the odds. Indeed, it is essential to make the right choice so that the baby garment can be worn by the infant. Come on, we tell you everything!

The size

Very often, when a baby or baby girl comes into the world, relatives offer him clothes. It is a timeless gift and particularly appreciated by young parents. However, it is clear that young parents receive a lot of clothes of the same size. 

So much so that they sometimes can’t enjoy it! They tend to be offered cute baby clothes of the same size, in 3 or 6 months. And from 9 months, they have nothing and have to buy everything! Our first advice is therefore to offer them clothes in larger sizes, so that they can enjoy them! The 12 and 24 month sizes are particularly popular with parents.

The season

This is a very important element that you must take into account when choosing baby clothes. Indeed, it is necessary to make the calculations well!!! A baby born in winter will be 6 months old in summer, so there’s no need to offer him a coat in size 6 months. Conversely, a baby born in summer will not need a short-sleeved T-shirt for his 9 months.

You must therefore check the size you choose for the child who has just been born, so that he can really enjoy this lovely garment. It would be a shame if it stayed in a closet! And don’t forget that babies grow up very quickly, and wear clothes in size 3 months for example for very little time.

The garment and the material

Be aware that the most comfortable for a baby is pajamas, and it is not uncommon for an infant to stay in pajamas for a long time. It is a timeless item that you can therefore offer! Pants are not necessarily recommended, as it lacks comfort for the little ones before they walk. 

Then, in terms of material, it is recommended to favor cotton of course, and to avoid materials that would be too synthetic. Parents love to dress their children, and will have a lot of fun putting on your gift clothes.

As you will have understood, choosing baby clothes girl is not so simple. It is necessary to take into account all the criteria listed. However, be aware that it is a timeless gift that will necessarily please parents. Do not hesitate to check their preferences so that the clothes please them as much as possible. It would be unfortunate if they didn’t enjoy the gift, so with that, we wish you luck with your search!

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