Company Exceeded $1M In Crypto Assets Says CEO of BTCS

Company Exceeded $1M In Crypto Assets

The most leading company in the cryptocurrency business which exceeded $1 million is BTCS. Inc.  After mid-March slump (Black Thursday) they achieved this great success. News tells us that BTCS shares are rising 215% year-to-date.

Charles Allen, CEO of BTCS shares how they have been holding a great position in the cryptocurrency business. BTCS is the first company in the U.S. that works on digital currency. They follow three main points for their business:

  • Checking assets in blockchain often.
  • Details and verifies every bitcoin owner,
  • Every bitcoin owner has details about their asset so there is no risk and the customer have access to their block.

BTCS main motive is to give profit through their company to the public. The company has been in the market for the past six years giving trust and profits to their investors. It has been a roller coaster ride for the company for the last six years. eCommerce, mining, wallets, payment processing, and ATM’s were some that helped the company more. Even after facing some failures, BTCS always tries to achieve their investors’ trust and plays a big role in the crypto market. They still have a lot more issues than other companies in the digital market. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit Bitcoin Hero

There was a big problem in the digital market because of COVID-19 but somehow BTCS overcame all the problems, says Charles. Every person who wants to invest their money obviously looks in every way where they can get as much profit on their investment. As per Charles crypto-related companies and blockchain is a good way of investing. Bitcoin ensures profit and security. That’s why it would be a smart move to invest money in the digital market to earn profit as this is going to be the future of investment.

BTCS offers investors and ensures profit for sure and the charges and consequences are less other than the bank.

Mr. Allen tells about the financial system in the U.S. and it’s not so good relationship with crypto business by saying:

Smart thinking bank sector is appreciating it while others are sitting on the sidelines with a more wait to see to what extent it grows. I think everyone is keeping check on the chain because of the fear of being left behind. They believe the road to transformation will be slow as many larger institutions are difficult to change with legacy systems or are ready to take the risk.

How BTCS Surpassed The $1 Million Milestone

Mr. Charles was asked how BTCS crossed this milestone in such a short period of time and his answer was that the company raised $1 Million USD which helped them to increase their Bitcoin and Ethereum assets. As a report assets value has increased by 50% on August 5,2020. Charles also mentions expanding BTC and ETH but not now due to economic uncertainty. Their plan is to focus on cryptocurrencies, lOT, data storage, and etc.

Mr. Charles Allen is very confident about the growth of BTC and ETH in 2020 as it has shown growth in the past few months even if the world is suffering a crisis due to pandemic. BTCS might also invest in small tokens to get great benefit. The digital market firm is growing its own in-house consumer facing platform for the investors.

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