Connecting Restaurants and Diners in a Safe and a Hygienic Manner – Catchfood, the Ultimate Food Ordering Solution

Connecting Restaurants and Diners in a Safe and a Hygienic Manner – Catchfood, the Ultimate Food Ordering Solution 1

Connecting Restaurants and Diners in a Safe and a Hygienic Manner – Catchfood, the Ultimate Food Ordering Solution

Be it a clothing store, an automobile manufacturer, a spa, or a restaurant; every business has to deal with an influx of modern consumers. A tech-savvy individual who continuously searches for convenient ways to complete tasks is the perfect definition of a modern consumer.

Living in a digital era where technology is the major driving force, people have got used to convenience and luxury. They are always looking for the easiest and fastest ways to fulfill their responsibilities and tasks. One of the greatest products of technology today is ecommerce, which is dominating the global economy. Millions of ecommerce websites allow people to purchase products and services just through a few clicks.

The advent of ecommerce has also revolutionized the food and beverage sector. It has paved the way for food ordering websites and apps that allow users to order food online without the need to leave the comfort of their homes. Not only do these food ordering apps make diners happy, but they also help restaurants and cafes better manage their orders. One such app is the Minnesota-based Catchfood. Introduced as a website, this food ordering platform gradually made its way into the world of mobile applications and was launched on Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.

It has been established to address the changing needs of modern consumers as with this app; the need to leave the house and wait in long lines is eliminated. It offers the type of convenience that modern consumer needs today.

Food Ordering Made Easy All Across the Globe

Catchfood was founded by Ahmad A Najar in 2015 in Minnesota. At the initial phase, the platform was introduced for the restaurants and diners in the United States. The site uses Google Maps to help users find restaurants in proximity. As the app grew successful in the United States, it was launched in different parts of Middle East Asia, including Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria in 2016.

People who use Catchfood can search for restaurants close to their location, be it their workplace or home. All they have to do is choose a restaurant, select their food items, and place the order. The website and the mobile applications offer a feature that allows saving the address for future use. It eliminates the need to enter the address every time a user wants to place an order through the platform.

The features of the app do not stop here. Adam Guild is the first online food ordering platform to accept dine-in orders. Customers can place their dine-in orders and even add extra information to the restaurant. It helps in saving time, efforts, and money while letting consumers enjoy food from their favorite restaurants, which is the perfect solution for food lovers.

Helping Restaurants, Better Manage their Orders

On one hand, where consumers can place their orders with ease using Catchfood, on the other hand, Catchfood allows restaurant owners to better manage their orders. During peak hours, the continuous calls for orders make it impossible for a café or restaurant owner to take all orders as the lines get busy. It cuts down the number of sales, reducing the total revenue generated.

Catchfood helps in establishing an additional stream of orders which can help restaurants, cafes, and bars maximize their sales and generate high revenues. The consumers who are unable to place an order via call or through the restaurant’s website can access the menu through the Catchfood platform and place their orders.

With this food ordering platform, the number of customers lost significantly reduces, which exposes a restaurant to innumerable growth opportunities. All a restaurant owner has to do is visit the official website and register for free as a new merchant. More than 10,000 restaurants have registered with the app, which proves that this food ordering platform is considerably benefiting the food industry.

A Sense of Relief During a Stressful Situation

COVID-19 hit the world in 2019, and since then, it has brutally affected the global economy. It has forced businesses to shut down and has pushed entire countries into strict lockdowns. The CEO and founder of Catchfood, Ahmad, realizes how the food ad beverages industry is the source of income for many people. During this stressful situation, Catchfood allows restaurants to deliver food to their consumers in the most hygienic manner.

Today, safety and hygiene are the biggest concerns of people who used to love eating out. With Catchfood, consumers do not have to worry about the safety of their food, and the restaurants can keep on serving as the source of income for the struggling individuals. The food ordering platform is available as a website as well as mobile applications for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is helping in the growth of restaurants while bringing convenience to the lives of consumers.

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