Cosmetics Products Last Longer Methods


Cosmetics Products Last Longer Methods

How to make up like a pro? Discover all our tips for a nude make-up, make up your skin at the beach, make your makeup last longer, naturally, when it’s hot. We also tell you how to find the best makeup remover for your skin type. Cleansing milk, water, cleansing oil or cleansing brush, natural make-up remover … Find what suits you. Discover all our tips for perfect makeup.

Goddess By Lola cosmetics has a powerful mission of inclusive, including making products that are designed for African and multicultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades. People come in all different colors and hues, so everyone should have access to makeup products, including foundation or concealer, that fit their skin tone at every spectrum of their price range.

Lolita Siyad I started this business because I always had a passion for make up and skin care but the main reason I created Goddessbylola is to give back and help less fortunate people I recently opened community kitchen to feed the homeless children in kenya and that’s when I decided to open Goddessbylola so the profit can go to my charity @helpingsteps

You know the make-up. Each morning, you take the time to apply makeup. And yet, at the end of the day, you return home and discover with sadness that everything has tarnished, even disappeared. But why ? Here are seven reasons why your makeup doesn’t last all day. The alarm rings early. Always too early. And yet, you motivate yourself to get up even earlier, in order to go through the makeup box . For you, it is impossible to ignore this crucial step. However, every evening, it is the same discouragement. You come home after an exhausting day, you look in the mirror and discover with sadness and helplessness that your makeup has gone bad. But why so much hatred? While you’ve taken the time to apply your foundation with love, your bronze with tenderness and your mascara with the hope of having a doe look all day long. But in the end, it is not so. To end this unbearable suspense and adopt the right tips, Zobuz reveals seven reasons why your makeup does not l ast all day. Touching her hair constantly makes it greasy, it’s a fact. So why do we keep touching our faces ? However, we should know that this does not bring anything good. Yes, the constant touch, combined with the heat given off by the hands, helps to remove some of the makeup. Even worse, this bad reflex risks spreading germs on the skin and promoting the appearance or aggravation of acne.

So rule number 1 in the beauty sphere: keep your hands away from your face. And that’s not all. It is not enough to say: “a moisturizer and voila “. Each part of the face needs appropriate care. The eyelids and lips should be the subject of special attention with moisturizers adapted to the lips and the eye area . Thus, they will retain makeup better. We mistakenly believe that doing small touch-ups here and there will improve the hold of her makeup . In reality, the accumulation of successive layers of make-up dehydrates the skin. It’s the return of the infernal spiral… It is better to forget this step. Instead, we absorb the excess sebum. Before the makeup is completely gone, pat the T area with cigarette paper, tissue paper or a tissue. This avoids weighing down the complexion with other layers of make-up.

Here is a precious ally for a long-lasting make-up! We think, again wrongly, that the makeup fixing spray is just another beauty gadget, just good enough to make us spend even more money for very little. And yet, the fixing spray is to make-up what hairspray is to hairstyle. So, a few sprays before leaving and we guarantee that the make-up will more easily withstand the test of time.  The lipstick is definitely the most difficult cosmetic to take a whole day. Talking, drinking, eating, wiping your mouth with a towel. So many gestures that make the color disappear on our lips. In addition to the quality of the lipstick, which has a great impact on its hold, some missteps in the application of it could be avoided, such as for example: do not exfoliate your lips from time to time, do not hydrate them , do not apply a veil of loose powder on them and do not put a second layer which however allows to keep the lipstick longer.

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