Different Mattresses in the Market and Their Analysis

Different Mattresses in the Market and Their Analysis

If you go shopping for any new mattress then by looking at the varieties you may be overwhelmed, particularly if you are looking for a mattress after a pretty long time. Surely, mattresses are not such items that we buy every day and most of us tend to forget when we purchased our last mattress.

Over the years science has made so much progress that when you visit the market, at newsweek.com you will find that there are so many options available to choose your best mattress for back pain overall.

However, you may often commit a mistake while choosing your right mattress unless you are fully aware of different types of mattresses and their pros and cons. Here, in this article, we will take up a few popular types of mattresses and analyze them, which will be helpful for you to read before you go shopping for your mattress.

  1. Innerspring option

Many of you must have slept on an innerspring mattress and must have jumped on them during your childhood days. Here a standard innerspring made of steel coil is used as a support system.

Although these standard innerspring mattresses are the mattress of older days, they are still very popular because of following reasons –

  • Incredibly consumer-friendly
  • Have different options for firmness
  • Widely available
  • Easy to transport
  • Budget-friendly

However, you must also be aware of their setbacks.

  • Cannot counteract your pain and pressure points
  • As the springs start wearing off you get noise
  • More prone to wear out quickly

So, you may save your money but soon you have to replace your mattress.

  1. Natural fiber option

Many of you must have done enough research and must have come across an option for natural fiber. These products are made with materials of a variety of combinations.

The eco-friendly option

We all know that in many ways we are putting pressure on the environment, however, while investing in natural fiber mattresses you will help the environment. They do not use any chemicals, and you will reduce your carbon footprint by using this choice.

Overall comfort

As far as your comfort is concerned, it is difficult to decide whether a natural fiber mattress will offer you the necessary comfort or not. Therefore, you must consider the type of your natural material.  A few of them are:

  • Organic cotton may last for 15 years
  • For regulating temperature organic wool will be great
  • For living a vegan lifestyle hemp is a great option 
  • Coconut coir can offer a buoyant quality
  • Latex will offer fire-resistant qualities
  1. Memory foam option

These foams are very popular, and many industries are taking advantage of this option like:

  • Furniture
  • Footwear
  • Automotive

If you love to enjoy sinking into your bed then memory foam mattresses will be the right option for you. They can easily contour to your body and slowly restore back to their original form as pressure will be released. Also mattresses in box have taken the world by a storm, especially for those who struggle with back pain. Read more click https://www.newsweek.com/amplify/best-mattress-in-a-box.

You must consider the following a few features carefully:

  • High relief from pressure point
  • Proper spine alignment
  • Helps in pain relief
  • Lower motion transfer
  • Reduced allergens and dust mites
  • Can fit adjustable beds.
  1. Latex mattress option

Another popular mattress option is made by using a natural resource. It is also quite affordable and durable. However, all latex is not made the same. If you are not aware of their differences then you will simply not get the quality that you expected.


While processing, a thick sap develops after extracting from trees. After they get formed, the sap is then baked into its final shape.


Talalay latex involves the development of columns through which air can flow more easily. By removing air by using a vacuum and then the latex is instantly frozen before baking, and consumers can enjoy cool sleep.

They can help to reduce your carbon footprint, and also offer a few unique qualities:

  • No chemicals are used
  • Feature minimal amount of off-gassing
  • Need no flipping and rotation

However, if you invest in this type of mattress then you also can expect certain negative things like for the first-time buyer, they will be relatively a little more expensive than any innerspring mattresses.

If you are, ready to invest a little extra money to buy a quality product, then you will get good value for your money. Latex mattresses can also be a little heavier and often more difficult to move.

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