Discover the Different Styles of Wearing Tweed

Styles of Wearing Tweed

Tweed is a woolen fabric that has a unique texture. It’s woven in various ways and the most trendy patterns include herringbone and check. Previously, the fabric had natural dyes. These days, you’ll find these fabrics in extravagant colors, for instance, red or burgundy. 

This material is ideal for suits, but it’s also excellent for a jacket, casual blazer, or coat.  A nice tweed jacket is typically for special events. However, numerous men wear them daily, and they’re perfectly okay for that purpose. 

This material is about versatility, and it’s the one item you could include in your wardrobe to perform various functions. From the smartest of weddings to casual days, tweed will do the role as long as you wear it appropriately.

Here’s everything you should know about wearing this fabric.

Different Styles of Wearing Tweed

Laid Back

This fabric can be worn in different styles, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Paired with a pair of jeans, a tweed jacket provides protection from the elements with a classic style than a jacket in polyester or nylon blend.

Alternatively, you could wear a pair of tweed pants instead of jeans. This combination exhibits creativity in producing a dressed-down look.

Tweed Office Suits

Perhaps tweed’s association with the nobility explains why it lends a smart and refined appeal. In recent years, wool garments have given way to wool blends that make the fabric comfier to wear and generate a sleeker appearance that makes a tweed suit perfect for formal occasions.

If you want to wear tweed to the office, try switching conventional browns and greens for modern colors like blue or grey. Select a snug cut, but it shouldn’t be too tight. Ensure you always opt for leather shoes, if possible Derbys or Oxfords.

Tweed is a textured fabric, so you’ll need to select a contrasting shirt. Opt for a white, crisp, or pink shirt and match with a contrasting tie.


To obtain the benefits of tweed, you must break down the suit in which you invested. A man’s tweed trousers, jacket, and waistcoat each provide a distinct look and when you wear them in various combinations, they produce additional ways to make a suit do it all.

If you’re going to socialize after work, remove your jacket, tie, and unbutton the waistcoat. Alternatively, you don’t have to wear a waistcoat and jacket. Instead, you could put on a cardigan, substitute your trousers for chinos, and wear a striped shirt instead of a waistcoat.

You’ll particularly look appealing when you wear a tweed jacket over a light turtleneck jumper. This look isn’t just sophisticated, it gives a slim silhouette, particularly when you select dark colors such as black or navy.

Casual Tweed

Tweed jackets come in handy when you want a casual look. Any casual shirt paired with straight-cut jeans looks excellent with a worn over a jacket. The trick to pulling this look off is to ensure the jacket fits well.

You wouldn’t want to wear a baggy jacket over a disheveled polo shirt. Just find a good fit. If you want a contemporary look, you could wear a cashmere jumper with a lightweight gilet beneath your jacket. When it comes to casual footwear, options include brogues and chukka boots.

How to Wear Tweed during Different Seasons


Tweed’s versatility comes into play during winter when layering is crucial to keep you comfy. Consider wearing moleskin trousers, a wool jumper, and a country tweed-made jacket. Alternatively, you could wear tweed trousers with a waistcoat, comfortable tattersall shirt, and quilted jacket. Remember to include a scarf.


Contemporary wool blends make tweed a surprise option during summer. Consider bold checks or light blues and greys for a summer look. You’ll look great with a jacket over an open-neck cotton shirt. You’ll find that chinos give a complete look.

If you’re attending a summer wedding or graduation, tweed will make a great option. Wear the tweed suit but leave out the waistcoat and substitute black for brown brogues.

How to Care for Your Tweed Suit

  • Eliminate light stains by rubbing gently with a damp sponge in circular motions
  • You could vacuum it provided the upholstery attachment is gentle
  • Use a stiff brush occasionally
  • Avoid the temptation of putting a tweed suit into the washing machine. It won’t be the same again
  • A yearly dry clean is what the versatile suit needs

If you want to enjoy the versatility that comes with tweed, you simply need to know how to wear the fabric. You’ll discover you could pull off various styles comfortably.

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