Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Minor Concussion


Have you or someone you know experienced head trauma, even a small one? Even receiving a minor concussion can cause damage if not recognized and treated accordingly. A concussion is caused by getting hit in the head or shaken so the head moves rapidly and can lead to severe brain trauma.

Monitoring how someone acts and feels is crucial to recognizing if serious treatment is needed. These signs of a minor concussion can give you some ideas of what to look out for.

Mental Signs

Some of the basic signs you might notice in a minor concussion include confusion, mood swings, appearing dazed, and amnesia. If someone is blacking out or experiencing more than the typical confusion right after getting hit in the head, it could be much more serious.

A minor concussion is unlikely to lead to a more significant injury, but you should look out for concussion warning signs regardless. And if any of these symptoms start small and get worse, it could be signs of a brain injury.

Physical Signs

There are a lot of physical signs of a concussion, and for a minor one, those include bringing of the ears, a headache, dizziness, and fatigue. If someone receives a head injury and experiences these along with vomiting, slurred speech, or complete loss of coordination, they should go to the emergency room.

Symptoms like ringing in the ears shouldn’t last very long after the injury. But some people experience it for days, a sign their injuries may be more severe.

Taking Action

If these symptoms get worse or you see more evidence of a serious concussion, such as vomiting and blacking out, you should seek emergency treatment. The warning signs of concussions can also show up a few days after the injury, so keep an eye on the person who’s hurt to make sure things do not get worse.

If you’re wondering if you need a brain injury lawyer reasons like a minor concussion could be considered. This depends on where and how the concussion occurred.

If it was during a sports game where you signed a waiver and were prepared for the possibility, it’s unlikely. But if you experience a head injury at work and you were following the proper safety protocol, you might want representation.

Signs of a Minor Concussion

Everyone has hit their head from time to time just moving through the world, but accidents do happen that cause more severe situations. These signs of a minor concussion may give you some feeling of ease that the injury isn’t very serious. But even a minor concussion can develop into a more dangerous situation.

Be sure to monitor symptoms even several days after the possible concussion occurred. And when in doubt, consult a doctor about possible injuries to ensure you or the person hurt is receiving the right care and treatment. And if you found this helpful, keep reading for more useful info.

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