Dragons in games are much more than just destructive monsters

Dragons In Games Are Much More Than Just Destructive Monsters 1

At least since the events of season eight of Game of Thrones, dragons have had a reputation as fire-breathing monsters. Sure, in the hands of a crazy tyrant, the mythological snake beings are a dangerous weapon. There is much more in the mythical creatures, as numerous games of the past 30 years have already taught us.

Here Be Dragons Is Sailing

Red Zero Games has provided a release date for their next turn-based Dragons strategy game. On 30 January 2020, it is scheduled for release on PC through Steam. Players play the role of the admiral of a group of insane captains fighting legendary high-seas monsters.

The game is a satirical interpretation of the 15th century nautical travel. The game is on a stylized map, with your ships guided against the huge beast. The fight is done by a wicker feature, which makes it look like a big board game. Here Be Dragons Is Sailing Its Way To Steam On January 30, Take On Hostile Sea Monsters With Insane Sailors

The dragon as a hero

When it comes to restoring the cracked reputation of dragons, a look at the playable lindworms in games is enough. There is, for example, the good Spyro, which has been at home on the PlayStation since its legendary launch in 1998 and which also delights Xbox One in its brilliant remake from last year. Of course Spyro can also spit fire; otherwise it wouldn’t be a real dragon. However, when liberating his friends, the little purple lizard captivates with an incredible charm and a good dose of humor. Especially since Spyro is not too good for a game of ice hockey and skating.

Spyro may be the cutest, but by no means the only dragon could you play in games. In addition to the legendary rail shooter series Panzer Dragoon, the hero from Wonder Boy: the Dragon’s Trap is particularly memorable. This dragon also received its remake last year, but the original was much longer ago than with Spyro.

After all, the new edition is based on the master system classic Wonder Boy III: the Dragon’s Trap from 1989. At the beginning of the jump-and-run you will be transformed into a dragon to jump fire-breathing and grim-looking through crisp levels. The fact that the game play has not aged as well as that of the purple colleague is not too bad; after all, the Wonder Boy remake is rather a tribute to the video games of the 1980s.

The friendly dragon next door

Well … in most games in which you control a kite, the Lindworms presents itself as a destruction machine. But there are also the friendly dragons next door. There is, for example, the Fire Pokémon Charmander with its huge, friendly eyes. Well okay, he is also known for his fiery talents, another example.

Alduin’s former ally taught the North the words of power and turns out to be a useful companion. At least if you let him live. After all, he is the first dragon in the role-playing game that is friendly to you.

The dragons also play an important role in the MMORPG World of War craft. Above all, Alexstraza the lifebinder, who is committed to fighting all enemies of life? Especially in the expansion Wrath of the Lich King is Alexstraza and her red dragon flight given a major role. In the fight against the raid boss Malygos, even your children rush to help you. Wow is full of dragons; after all, the story of the game is closely linked to the swarms of dragons. However, while most of them want you on the leather, you can use the dangerous creatures as mounts or cute companions. After all, a mini death wing or a nightmare whelping are much easier to care for than their full-grown role models.

Dracarys! The dragon as an enemy

In most cases, kites are not to be trifled with. After all, the beings have been a symbol of chaos and destruction since the oriental and western creation myths, while the Chinese dragon is usually given positive values.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that dragons in the field of video games mostly appear as (end) opponents, who regularly guard any treasures and wipe out entire areas of land in no time at all. For many of us, the mean song from the innovative Dragon’s Lair may be the first memory of dragons in video games. As early as 1983, the green scaly lizard emerged as a serious threat that the kids in the successful Stranger Things series also faced – with manageable success.

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