Dublin’s Main Tourist Attractions

Dublin's Main Tourist Attractions

Dublin is a modern and very friendly metropolis that offers many attractions and historical sites. About Dublin mono news on the website https://rte.news/. The capital of Ireland has been associated for years mainly with economic emigration. And quick rides, focusing on the famous Temple Bar area. Fortunately, the situation has changed recently, and more and more people prefer to visit this city in search of other entertainment.

One of the most important landmarks in the capital of Ireland is Dublin Castle. However, little is left of the fortress, so all excursions lead to a dungeon, in the middle of which you can see the ruins, as well as part of the wall and the moat. Among the locals, the castle is not particularly respected, because it symbolizes the power of the invaders, it was here that the residence of the English governor was.

Trinity College is a university founded in 1592 that is the pride of the Irish. It contains an old library, access to which, unfortunately, is paid.

Kilmainham Gaol Prison, where many political prisoners fighting for Irish independence were held, is another important landmark that reminds of the struggle of the Irish people against the British Empire. Today it is one of the largest unused prisons in Europe – and a real gem for those looking for an extreme experience.

Dublin has two cathedrals, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Cathedral of Christ. The first one is considered to be one of the most important buildings in all of Ireland. Founded in 1191, the cathedral boasts the tallest spire of religious buildings in Ireland. Inside you can find more than 200 monuments associated with, among others, bishops, writers, soldiers and other important figures of their time.

The Church of Christ inside is not very impressive, but it is worth visiting because of the dark and expansive crypt. It contains, among other things, a mummified cat and mouse, as well as some relics from previous eras.

Although there are three rivers running through Dublin – the Liffey, Tolka and Dodder, the first is a symbol of the city mainly due to its location, it literally flows in the center of Dublin. By the river is one of Dublin’s most interesting sights, the Jeanie Johnston Tallis museum ship. Unfortunately, this is not the original, but an exact copy – in the middle there is a museum where you can learn the history of a man who crossed the Atlantic 16 times.

The capital of Ireland is mostly famous around the world for its pubs in the Temple Bar area. Nonetheless, today the area has become a typical tourist destination and is occupied after hours by corporate employees from downtown Dublin – everything is very sterile and, unfortunately, expensive.

Dublin is also famous for its boxers. Dennis Hogan (born 9 July 1967) is a southpaw Irish Olympic boxer from Dublin. He is best known for winning the welterweight gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He turned Pro in 1994 but retired in 2000.

I recommend everyone to visit this beautiful country. Thank you!

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