Earning Cash with Advertising Stickers on Your Car – All You Need To Know

Earning Cash With Advertising Stickers On Your Car – All You Need To Know

Cars and trucks carrying bright advertising stickers are common on the roads nowadays. While you might assume that they are all vehicles owned by the businesses, many of them are vehicles that the businesses are paying to carry the advertisements. If you have a car or a truck and don’t mind it being decorated with advertising stickers, it can open up a new opportunity for earning handsomely. All that you need to know about car sticker advertising:

How Does Car Advertising for Other Businesses Work?

Since they are easy to customize, have a high impact, and are affordable, businesses love car advertising decals. Each company has its way of placing advertisements on cars. Some companies pay for the opportunity of fixing simple stickers, while others will want to install car wraps. Many modern car advertising companies operate with mobile apps that allow car owners to choose campaigns, durations, and payment methods. These apps also track the car movement, so based on which, the owner gets paid.

Who Pays Car Owners for Displaying Advertisements 

Small businesses are likely to reach out to your using word of mouth but nowadays quite a few car advertising agencies handle multiple accounts. If you are looking to earn more, you can ask the owner of a car already carrying an advertisement for a reference or respond to an advertisement calling out to motorists. You will receive your payment from the person or company that has engaged you. Car owners need not fear damage to their paintwork since they can remove the car stickers easily after the contract ends.

How Much Can You Earn With Car Advertisements

The amount of money you can earn depends on many variables like the status of the brand, the size of the decal, the period of the contract, and how much the car moves around. Many of the advertising companies will specify the year of the car models eligible. Typically the more recent models in good condition can participate in these programs. You can often earn more if your car remains parked at specified locations during a specified time frame. Some companies specify how many miles on average you must drive to receive payments. While the money you can earn depends on a large number of factors, it is not uncommon for car owners to earn around $500 per month from legitimate companies, according to Joy wallet.


Carrying advertising decals on your car can be lucrative; however, you must be careful not to get trapped by car advertising scams that are common. You must verify that the company is legitimate before you sign up. The legitimate advertising companies will have a structured application process for evaluating you and your car. They will not charge you any kind of fees for applying or in the form of annual fees. They will want you to submit proof of ownership of the car, as well as your insurance coverage because no company will want cars carrying their advertisements without the minimum insurance coverage required in your state. 

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