Easyap Is Your Best Partner for Electronic Invoicing

Easyap Is Your Best Partner For Electronic Invoicing

Finance departments may benefit from Easyap’s services, which focus on billing (AP & AR). As a consequence of specialization and the implementation of the newest BPM, OCR, and E-Invoicing technologies, easyap’s outsourcing projects have been successful. Either the invoice is received or the supplier issues an invoice (paper, PDF, file, Edi, electronic invoice), Easyap covers the whole electronic invoicing process from reception to posting in ERP. Our team of Six Sigma project managers and professional accountants use BI workflow tools to supervise the whole process.

Billing procedures (sent and received), employee expense reports, and vendor portals employing electronic invoicing systems are the emphasis of Easyap’s outsourced projects. A wide range of enterprises throughout Europe and the United States use Easyap’s long-term projects (which are implemented nearly immediately) with variable costs and zero investment costs.

In finance, Easyap has a major focus on IT solutions for process optimization, with a heavy emphasis on automation.

Background of Easyap

Since 2001, Easyap has been providing electronic invoicing and accounts payable services to its customers. We’ve outlined below a few examples of the work that easyap does as part of our outsourcing solution for invoice processing and fraud detection. Every one of these services is based on a per-document payment model with variable costs, so the customer is not required to make any upfront technological investments to facilitate automation and improvement (SaaS model).

In less than five months, a quarter of a million dollars in savings may be realised thanks to the implementation of audit and control procedures. All around North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Spain in small and medium-sized local firms are easyap’s initiatives.

Easyap Provides a Wide Range of Electronic Invoicing and Account-Payable Management Services.

Electronic Invoice

customers and suppliers (senders and receivers) may now be linked through easyap’s portal for the transmission and receipt of electronic invoices, therefore removing technical hurdles and providing benefits to both parties. Compatible with AEAT’s SII system of electronic measurement and control.

Invoice Workflow

As part of a complete service model that covers all phases (workflow) of the invoice processing process, from receipt of the invoice through automated posting in a business management system.

Master in Electronic Invoicing

  • Invoices are sent to customers electronically.
  • Invoicing portal allows vendors to provide paper and electronic invoices.
  • Any accounting or ERP workflow program may use this.
  • Invoice processing is charged at a flat rate, with no initial setup fees.
  • Less than a week is required for the project to be completed.

Services Offered by Easyap

  • Invoice processing: generating and sending electronic invoices to customers.
  • Invoices may be digitized and their data extracted.
  • Workflow for Approval of Invoices
  • The current state of affairs does not include a supplier portal.
  • Sales Tax Information (SII) and TiketBai may be sent instantly (TBAI)
  • Keeping tabs on travel and representation costs for employees

Energy infrastructure provider and natural gas and renewables transmission network manager Enagas, with half a century of expertise and worldwide operations in eight countries, aimed to streamline its billing process. To us, it was an opportunity to become involved, give our knowledge, and help Enagas overcome the difficulties they face on a daily basis. As a result of our commitment to Enagas, we will assist you in managing the whole process of receiving supplier invoices, from reception and validation through to automated billing.

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