Emerald: Everything You Need to Know About May’s Birthstone


Since the beginning of time, gemstones have been the expression of a charm that goes beyond their beauty and their economic value. Precious stones are not only wonderful natural creations but, according to ancient popular beliefs, each stone has its own spiritual meaning, perhaps even a specific supernatural power. Obviously, their beauty, colors, and preciousness are all qualities that make them so popular and desirable, true symbols of today’s fashion. For more information about the spiritual meaning of stones make sure to checkout Sodalite Minds.

Among the most famous gemstones, one stands above all the others: the Emerald, a fascinating and bewitching stone that has a timeless charm and a deeper meaning.

Emerald jewels are the ideal gift to share your feelings since this gem represents the color of spring and symbolizes rebirth and unconditional love. The intense and sparkling green of the emerald is a wonder to see and wear. Because of the pleasure its color gives to the human eye, emerald is often considered as the perfect union between body and spirit.

From Cleopatra to the present day, there are countless stories and traditions that have grown up around the emerald. Are you ready to find out the essential characteristics and the magic that animates the passion for this precious green stone?

Emerald: Myths, Legends and Beliefs

The history of the emerald begins in Ancient Egypt, a legendary place.

Actually, in 3500 BC, in the southeastern region of the land of the Pharaohs, emerald mines were active and prolific. In fact, although other sources of extraction existed at the time, Egypt held a monopoly on this precious stone.

Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, is often depicted as one of the greatest emerald lovers of the history of humanity. For her, the emerald was the only one considered worthy of its beauty.

In ancient Egyptian times, the emerald was considered the stone of immortality, fertility, and youth, and precisely for these qualities, it is still linked to spring, the period of the year in which life blossoms. In addition, the emerald was believed to possess healing properties, including the ability to rest and soothe tired eyes.

The legends and myths related to the emerald blend with the history of many ancient peoples, whose memory still fascinates our minds. Among the Incas, for example, the emerald was revered as a sacred stone and considered even more precious than gold.

In naturopathy, the emerald is associated with the chakra and, therefore, is seen as a fundamental element for the well-being of the heart and the nervous system

, helping to improve the relationship with the surrounding world.

On the other hand, western cultures have always believed that emeralds had particular abilities to detoxify and relieve physical and psychological stress thanks to their ability to strengthen the wearer’s immune system, thus preventing allergies and helping to live more intensely.

But what about astrology? According to this discipline, the emerald is associated with the planet Venus. Therefore, it positively affects the well-being of individuals, enhancing the pleasures of life and relations with the surrounding world to the fullest.

Emerald and Jewelry

Emerald is a fascinating and elegant gemstone, ideal for adorning jewels that have a deep meaning. An emerald pendant, for instance, is capable of making monochromatic dresses shine, for an evening that you will not be able to forget.

However, you need to be careful because emeralds are stones that need to be loved. Perhaps it is for this reason that they are often used in handcrafted jewelry, the most genuine and intimate items a person can wear. Think about rings, for instance, and how meaningful it could be to buy an emerald engagement ring. As mentioned, the emerald symbolizes rebirth and unconditional love. Does it get more romantic than this?

But rest assured, emerald rings are not only jewels worth wearing. Think about earrings, for instance, and how those sparkling, shining green shades can make you stand out during an important event or fancy dinner.

Unfortunately, since the emerald is one of the most beautiful and loved precious stones, there are many imitations on the market, which an inexperienced person would not be able to distinguish. So, to avoid buying a fake, the best way is to rely on a trusted jewelry store, preferably an artisan workshop. After all, fashion is all about love and passion, isn’t it?

Over the centuries, myths and legends regarding the emerald have spread. From Ancient Egypt to the Incas, all these stories tell of a precious stone whose uniqueness goes beyond its wonderful appearance. They tell of meaningful symbols and useful properties that made it the popular gem it is nowadays and explain how it became one of the most desired stones out there.

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