Enjoying the Upcoming NBA Season

Upcoming NBA Season

The next NBA season is set to begging in the coming weeks. In the days before kickoff, the opening tip-off will take place, inaugurating what will definitely be a memorable season. Not just for the great athletes set to dazzle our screens, but also because the NBA, like the rest of us, is adapting to a new normal in a world of COVID-19.

While the NBA is employing many changes, fans will also have to adjust to a socially-distanced basketball season. In order to prepare for the new type of season, let’s go over some strategies you can employ and learn about what the NBA is doing to keep our favorite stars, fans, and staff safe.

Creative Ways To Watch

One way to enjoy our limited options is to really squeeze the juic eout of the ways we have to enjoy it. While going to games will be harder, or impossible, depending on where you live, we will probably be watching from home a little more. We can do some things, like wagering a bit of money or entering into a pool, to bring the level of excitement closer to that of the stadium. Be sure to read up on how to make the best bets for any NBA matchup.

A pool is a great way to stay in touch with friends as well. As we are all locking down a bit more, it is good to have institutionalized ways to stay in touch with the ones we love seeing. This will help mental health, as well as making the games more exciting to watch.

While getting together at a bar will imply greater risk now, watching a game alone is not as much fun.  This way you have a reason to watch it together, even if you are in different spaces. You can text or send audio messages back and forth. Get creative with the ways and reasons we have for getting together to make this special NBA season the best it can be.

Make Your Own Social Bubble

Of course, we cannot just live via SMS. we also need human contact in order to be healthy, mentlly and physically. In these times, we are all engaged in a delicate balance managing safety and some semblance of normal life.

One way to enjoy the company of our friends while minimising the risk for them and for ourselves is to create a bubble. Basically this means making an agreement with a set of friends and and limiting social contact to people within this bubble. This is a great way to limit the number of contacts while not limiting social interaction.

Of course, these people should be basketball fans as well. Maybe even fans of rival teams. This will keep the matchups more exciting!

New Ways to Play the Game

For those who live in warmer climates, take the game outdoors. Basketball is considered one of the more dangerou sports to play because professionally it is played indoors and involves close contact between players.

However, for thos eof us slightly below professional level, we can make common sensiscal adaptations so we can still enjoy the sport and stay safe at the same time.

If you go outside you are already reducing your risk greatly. Then we can also adapt the game bvy having three-point or free-throe contests, rather than the full contact sport. This way you can stay in contact with the sport and not let your shot get rusty.

Enjoying the Upcoming NBA Season 1

Stay Grateful

Whenever we get slightly frustrated with the new istuation we should also remember all the sacrifices people are making to keep our communities safe. From public school teachers to medical professionals and grocery store workers, many people are on the front line of keeping things running.

Athletes and NBA staff are also making this sacrifice in order to bring joy and a bit of normalcy people’s homes. They have reduced the number of games and are emplying testing standards and other measures to make sur everyone is as safe as possible.

Keeping in mind everything people are doing to keep us safe can help us feel grateful and not so bad about the sacrifices we have to make as well.

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