Everything You Need for Your Holiday to Croatia

Everything You Need for Your Holiday to Croatia

Planning a holiday to Croatia? Croatia is a hotspot for holidaymakers thanks to its gorgeous climate, beautiful beaches, interesting towns, unique culture and rich history. It can also be a diverse place, so what do you need to pack to have the best possible trip to Croatia? Read on for all that you need to know.

What to Wear

What you should pack clothing-wise will largely depend on the time of year that you visit. The summer months can be hot in Croatia, plus you must also factor in that people are often dressier here than in other areas. Therefore, during summer you will want clothing that is practical but also looks good. Men may want to consider smart shoes, short and long/sleeve shirts and polo shirts while women will find summer dresses to be ideal. Casual attire will be fine and practical for exploring by day, but in the evening you may want to make more of an effort particularly when going out for a meal.

If you are visiting during the cooler months, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, you need to prepare for rain, wind and slippery surfaces and have clothing that will be practical. If visiting in winter, you might find that layers are a good option to help you to stay warm, especially with the breeze coming off of the ocean in the seaside cities.


The beaches in Croatia are one of the major pulling factors and you will certainly want to spend time by the sea during the warmer months. This means that you will want to pack your beachwear and you might want to bring a few extra layers because it can get chilly due to the wind. Keep in mind that beachwear does not translate well to other areas, so you will need to bring more than just your flip flops, swimming trunks and vests.


When it comes to footwear, you may find that you need a few options. Walking shoes are a must if you plan on visiting the national parks or doing a lot of exploring the cities on foot, but you may want something slightly smarter for the evening when going out for dinner. Croatia is a great place for socialising at night, so you should gather your friends and book a small group tour to Croatia for an unforgettable holiday.


In terms of extras, suncream is essential no matter what time of year you visit but particularly during the summer months when there is a lot of sunshine and sea breeze. Blister packs are a good idea if you a doing lots of walking and a first-aid kit is always smart no matter where you are going.

Now we’ve given you an idea of what you should be packing and what to expect on a holiday to Croatia, the countdown to your excursion can begin!

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