Everything you need to know about HONOR Magic 5 Lite?


If you are thinking to buy HONOR Magic 5 Lite, then you should know everything about it. What do you know more about buying HONOR Magic 5 Lite? You should know about its best features at this price point.

Price and competition:

At about £330, the Honor Magic 5 Lite is a shred as well expensive to be considered a budget-friendly handset, settling alternatively into the more down end of the market’s average range bracket. The brightness level does not reach as heights as the Magic 5 Lite, and there is no authorized IP waterproof rating, simply otherwise, the Nord is a really solid rival.


In that respect, there are 3 colours on offer like Midnight Black, Titanium Silver and Emerald Green. The device has an outstandingly thin profile, assessing 162 x 74 x 7.9mm, and it is decent and light at only 175g. The glass back panel bears a mirror finish, which appears clean and superior for accurately 2 seconds prior to your dirty fingerprints get all over it. 

Although ringed camera modules are not a novel ground for Honor devices, the 5 Lite changes things up somewhat, trading the block circle utilized by the 4 series for a thin ring. In an ocean of camera range hegemony, a brand-new design is all of the time appreciated, and the last result appears appropriately slick. 


As is frequently the case in this nook of the marketplace, the Honor Magic 5 Lite places a powerful part of its resources into the screen display, with dramatic results. The 6.67in OLED board accepts a crease 2,400 x 1,080 resolution and a stormy 120Hz freshen-up rate, and so general scrolling and app utilization experience smooth and look fantastic. Suiting an OLED board, the black level and direct contrast are as perfect as it acquires, and the peak brightness level of 518cd/m² is adequate for usage in direct sun.

Everything you need to know about HONOR Magic 5 Lite? 1

Performance and battery life:

Although magic would be the consistent power source, the Honor Magic 5 Lite keeps going with an octa-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset. This is strong if ordinary, C.P.U. that we have ascertained recently in devices of different brands. All 3 scored likewise in the single-core CPU examinations. It bears a mega battery which is suitable for 2 days of ordinary usage with a single charge.


The Magic 5 Lite’s back camera set out is spearheaded by a 64MP (f/1.8) primary lens, and the photographs it produces are broadly pretty expert. The colours are decent and shiny, with a lot of detail and contrast divulging the depth. These ahead-of-time springtime daffodils actually pop against the soft wintertime sky and do not dip over into extravagant saturation.

The finding of fact:

With just a little trip up in the camera section, the Honor Magic 5 Lite is a somewhat well-rounded, low-cost phone. The screen display and battery life are both wonderful, with the snag on the last mentioned is that there is no fast charging plug in the box.

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