Find a Missouri Child Custody Lawyer on FindLaw

Find a Missouri Child Custody Lawyer on FindLaw

Whether you are in the process of a divorce or seeking a child custody order, it is important to have an experienced Missouri custody lawyer on your side. FindLaw’s Missouri custody attorney directory can help you find a local attorney who specializes in child custody and visitation cases.

In a custody case, courts consider numerous factors to determine what is best for the children. Among these are the child’s age, the relationship between parents, and any past abuse or neglect.

Legal Custody

The most common custody arrangement is joint legal custody, but there are also cases where one parent has sole legal custody. In these cases, the court must consider all relevant factors to determine which arrangement is best for the child.

For example, the court will consider which parent is most likely to encourage a child’s continuing relationship with the other parent; whether the children have an existing bond with one of the parents; which parent can provide a safe environment for the children; and more.

In Missouri, courts often favor a custody arrangement that promotes frequent and meaningful contact between the children and their parents. However, if the court finds that the parents are not capable of creating that kind of connection, it may order third party custody or place the children with grandparents.

For many parents, child custody decisions can be overwhelming and stressful. The help of an experienced missouri custody lawyer can be invaluable.

Physical Custody

Missouri courts prefer to award joint physical custody whenever possible. This allows both parents to have frequent, continuing and meaningful contact with their children.

However, this can be difficult to achieve for some families. A missouri custody lawyer can help a parent maximize their time with their children while keeping the child’s needs in mind.

In a typical joint custody arrangement, the court will designate one parent’s address for mailing and school purposes and a schedule that allows each parent to spend significant amounts of time with their children. This can be in the form of alternating weeks or mid-week switching, depending on what works best for each family.

A custody modification may be necessary when there is a substantial change in circumstances, such as a move to another state, new employment or illness for either parent. The requesting parent must also show that the original plan is no longer in the child’s best interest.


Whether you’re a grandparent seeking visitation or a parent seeking custody, a missouri custody lawyer can help. They can also help you negotiate a visitation schedule that works best for your situation.

In Missouri, courts base child custody decisions on what is in the best interests of the children. This is done by weighing a variety of factors, including the wishes of the parents; the willingness and ability of the parents to foster an ongoing relationship with the children; the mental and physical health of the parents; and any other circumstances that affect the child’s well-being.

A typical visitation schedule involves alternating weekend overnight visits, alternating school breaks and holidays, and extended visitation over summer vacations. It is common for a visitation schedule to change over time, as the child grows and needs new routines.

Enforcement of Child Support

Enforcement of child support orders is a common process that many courts use to ensure that parents comply with their financial obligations. The Missouri Department of Social Services has a variety of options to enforce these obligations, including wage garnishment, which is the practice of taking money from a parent’s wages and using it to pay off child support.

The Missouri Family Support Division, or FSD, can also help to enforce these orders. It can take steps to withhold income from wages, bonuses, salaries, and other sources that can be applied to current and past-due child support payments.

However, the process of enforcement can be a difficult one to navigate. A missouri custody lawyer can help you understand the different tools available and what they mean for you and your family.

Typically, when a parent is behind on child support, the FSD will send them an enforcement notice and request that they come into their office to meet with the agency. The agency can also issue warrants to collect the debt or make sure health insurance coverage is in place.

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