Food Balancing: 6 Tips for a Good Start

Food Balancing

Already several months that I undertook a food balancing! Objective: regain my weight and feel good in my sneakers. I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have been writing for the past few weeks to get started on a balanced diet. Because before implementing the good practices, I struggled for months I tell myself that it can always be useful if you too want to start a slow diet and anchor new good habits over time. Be careful, what I share with you is not revolutionary but it is what really worked for me!

Consult a professional

First of all, the best idea I had was to go see a nutritionist – dietician! I did not understand why I gained or did not lose weight despite a healthy diet based on fresh, organic, plant-based, unprocessed food, almost all homemade dishes … In fact, I was not really there proportionally and balance of all the intakes over a day. Food balancing is everything.

So even if I have been educated and interested in nutrition and plant food for years, I am obviously far from being an expert on the subject. Consulting a professional gave me the right information to start my weight loss and getting back into shape. As well as a detailed food network, more than necessary when you start! No, this is not a restrictive diet, just a food balancing over time that does not leave you absolutely hungry when you leave the table, on the contrary. On your own it will be very difficult for you to know what to eat, when and in what quantities, so I strongly recommend that you go to see a nutritionist.

Drink lots of water

So there, no worries for me, I am a big drinker of water! And glow throughout the day. I love still water, but I vary with sparkling water sometimes (for an aperitif). Or green teas and infusions of all kinds. I like them both hot and cold. Also think of flavored waters (a few mint leaves, lemon, cucumber or red fruits… infused at least 30 minutes in water) , that changes from classic water! If you are not a heavy drinker of water, it can be avenues for drinking it in other forms.

I noticed, and this was confirmed to me by my nutritionist, that drinking water regulates the feeling of hunger (we often confuse hunger and thirst). This helps both to eat less and to eliminate better. So I’m not going to deprive myself of it!

Booster with a food supplement

I am not at all for the accumulation of food supplements in the kitchen, but I needed a little boost to accompany me in my re balancing. After having tested 2 or 3 food supplements which did not suit me more than that, I chose Bifid us Life, a probiotic which had been recommended to me for weight loss . And I’m very happy!

Food Balancing: 6 Tips For A Good Start 1
Food Balancing: 6 Tips For A Good Start 5

They are therefore bacteria that help regulate and balance the internal flora. This allows not to store too much fat in the body, as well as to regulate hunger. So of course it does not replace a balanced diet and regular physical activity, but it helps me every day.

Well you can rebalance your plates and lose a few pounds without moving the buttocks of your sofa, but getting in motion helps so much! When losing weight (especially fat mass) , toning your body ,  redesigning your figure . And it does a huge morale boost. My nutritionist designed my nutritional program taking into account my physical activity (close to zero when I met him ahem) . Since then, and especially in recent weeks, I have decided to move. Every day I walk, swim, do yoga or workout at home (cardio / strength training). I choose day by day according to my desires, going at my own pace, and it makes the difference!

Create a dedicated Instagram account

Second best good idea I have had since I embarked on this fabulous adventure: create a dedicated Instagram account. I post daily there, completely anonymously, everything I eat and what I do as a sport.

And so for me, it works from the fire of God! Already, it is very motivating to find yourself between girls who are in the same process: we congratulate ourselves on each small victory, for each effort, and we support each other in the hardest moments. Even more motivating for me: do not hide what I eat (I do not cheat, if I fall for a big pastry, I post it!), Say if today I did sports or not… that fits me naturally. Since I opened this account: no deviation from my food balancing program. Sport ALL. THE. DAYS. Suffice to say that before I held my program 2 days, then I eat less well, then I resumed my program … and if I did a little walk once or twice a week it was the big max. So if that can help you too, go for Instagram.

Food Balancing: 6 Tips For A Good Start 2
Food Balancing: 6 Tips For A Good Start 6

Understand the origin of your weight gain

Gaining (and even losing) weight is never harmless. Personally, it helped me understand what started it and what contributed to my weight gain. It is not just a lack of physical activity or an unbalanced diet, it is always deeper than that. Even if we are not necessarily aware of it. What drives us to overeat? What are we filling? … There are lots of questions to ask! To which we can answer alone, but it is much more effective to be accompanied. For my part, hypnotherapy helped me a lot. As well as implementing changes in my life, gradually, to feel better

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