Exploring the Theory: Is the Fourth Road Poneglyph in Elbaf?

An Image Depicting The Wonder And Grandeur Of Elbaf, A Potential Location For The Fourth Road Poneglyph In The 'One Piece' Series

There are secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the enormous realm of “One Piece.” Both the characters in the story and the devoted public have long been fascinated by the Road Poneglyphs, ancient stone tablets that show the road to the final island, Raftel. There is a theory floating around that the amazing region of Elbaf is where you’ll find the Fourth Road Poneglyph. In this post, we’ll investigate this hypothesis, taking a close look at supporting evidence and counterarguments.

Elbaf, Who Never Existed

Elbaf…what is it?

In the “One Piece” universe, the island of Elbaf is famous as “The Land of the Giants.” A community of giants known for their strength and integrity call this place home. The fictional world of Elbaf plays a pivotal role in the books and television show.

Poneglyphs and Their Relation to Road Networks

It is stated that the Road Poneglyphs can be found all throughout the world, and that each one contains a key piece of information for getting to Raftel. The Straw Hat Pirates’ search for the truth behind the Grand Line revolves around these priceless relics. Only three of the four Road Poneglyphs have been found so far; their whereabouts are a mystery.

Signs and hints

Ancient times, mythical giants

Elbaf has long been linked to the giants, an ancient people that played a pivotal part in global events. According to “One Piece” canon, the giants existed during the Void Century, a mysterious era that has been obliterated from recorded history. It’s possible that Elbaf acquired the Fourth Road Poneglyph because it’s thought to be an artefact from that time period.

Narrative Hints to What’s to Come

The author of “One Piece,” Eiichiro Oda, is admired for his skillful use of foreshadowing and meticulous plotting. There have been oblique clues and allusions throughout the series that indicate to Elbaf’s crucial role in the story. It is possible that the Fourth Road Poneglyph is concealed somewhere within Elbaf, as suggested by these indications and Oda’s skill as a storyteller.

The Potential of the Elbaf Arc

The possibility of an Elbaf arc appearing in “One Piece” increases as the plot develops. Exploring Elbaf and its mysteries seems inevitable as the story progresses towards a showdown with the Yonko (the four most powerful pirates in the world). This is a possible future event since it would pave the way for the discovery of the Fourth Road Poneglyph.

Refutations and Rebuttals

The Wide Variety of Road Poneglyphs

Existing Road Poneglyphs are dispersed across the globe, highlighting the importance of broadening one’s search. It’s possible that by locating the Fourth Road Poneglyph in Elbaf, we’re diminishing the importance of other areas and their own stories. It is crucial to make sure that these artefacts are dispersed evenly throughout the story.

Illusion and subterfuge

Eiichiro Oda is well-known for his ability to twist conventions and surprise his readers. The obviousness and predictability of putting the Fourth Road Poneglyph at Elbaf, which has a long history of giant-related activity, seems questionable. Oda could decide to deviate from the accepted idea by concealing the Fourth Road Poneglyph in an unexpected location.


There’s a lot of potential in the hypothesis that Elbaf is home to the Fourth Road Poneglyph from “One Piece.” Although there is a lot of data to back this claim, it’s still smart to think about counterarguments and ways to twist the story. The mystery of the Fourth Road Poneglyph has kept fans talking as they wait for the series to finally begin.

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