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Downloading YouTube Videos is always a mystery because it’s always complicated to select proper and free down-loader but btclod has made it easy for everyone. There are numerous products available online but those are costly. As now the best Free Video Downloader is available. Below is the history of downloading methods.

You have had a good chance of seeing a lot of YouTube videos if you’ve browse the Web over the past few year. The site serves more than a billion users each day by itself and through a hundreds of websites, where videos hosted on their platform are embedded. We bet you had to download a clip at least one time, and though there are several ideas and services to help you accomplish this feat, here are some of them that we find to be the best.

The easiest thing is a two-year old post on the Google Operations System blog. Just add this bookmark to the bookmarks of your browser, load a YouTube video tab, and click on the bookmark to download the video directly, including 720p/1080p and MP4 format. This technique is supposed to work well for IE8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Here is a short video (ironically hosted in rival service vimeos) demonstrating how this works.

MP4 files, such as Windows Media Player, VLC, MP layer, iTunes, QuickTime, and my personal favorite Zoom Player are managed by many popular media players. There are a lot of free applications, such as My Video Converter, Full Video Converter and YouTube to MP3, for you, to convert your videos. I use Video Converter Ultimate from Xilisoft generally, but that’s going to cost you.

Even if you only have audio after, most or all of these applications will convert MP4 files to MP3. More automated solutions are also available. Different free online services turn the YouTube content for download into an audio or video file and there are obviously hundreds of Firefox add-ons that do the same.

Video Downloader

is the favorite of Firefox and can works on hundreds of websites as well as YouTube (MySpace, Daily Motion, Porkolt, iFilm, Dream Host, etc). 1-click YouTube Download Video is less functional, and you can store content in FLV, MP4 and 3GP format by putting direct download links on your YouTube pages.

Many online videos can be accessed using your browser’s standard feature. Users are able to search Web page elements for applications such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. This choice will disclose an embedded video’s direct URL and make the source file available. Load the website with the embedded video in the internet browser and wait until the elements have been fully made when you try to download videos using this process. Go to the “Tools” tab and choose “Internet Options” if using Internet Explorer.

Several plug-in for the Internet browser are specially designed to download videos online. As many of those components can record in just one click an embedded video source file, users should follow that method if they are trying to save time. Free Firefox add-on, which streamlines online video transfer operation, is Video Download Helper. Load the embedded video on the Web page in Firefox in order to use the add-on. Expect to identify the streaming media through Video Download Helper. If this occurs, the Firefox navigation bar add-on icon is animated. To view the name of the embedded source file, click the animated icon.

It is also possible to install specialized software to view online video. Nonetheless, because these applications may be relatively large, users should use this approach only if an Internet browser method does not work. Freeware such as RealPlayer or Orbit Downloader will grab the embedded source file of a video from the Internet browser. Although published by different software developers, the workflow of the two programs is identical. Once you have developed the software and loaded an online video from your browser, the streaming media will display an overlay button (“Download this Video” for Real Player, “Get It” for Orbit Downloader).

Whilst these methods of uploading videos online are often successful, no single instance of streaming media can be captured. Digital destinations such as Hulu and Netflix encrypt copy protection of their embedded videos to prevent illegal replication. As a result, these tools cannot remove encrypted information from the source code. In fact, any attempt on these videos to circumvent copy protection can be considered pirates.

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