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Ben Bander Abudawood an HR expert and author has launched a United Kingdom based freelance marketplace with the name of “Ben4hire” that is an easy and fast way of exchanging services or payments, for both the buyer and seller along with the ease of work at home.

Through different payment gateways, freelancers would be able to join and share their services or skills with the market based buyers and on the other side, the clients will be in a better position to hire them easily, by agreeing on a price before the work is being progressed.

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What differentiates it is its commission free identity. This freelance market will not charge a single penny to freelancers. All the money what the freelancers will earn through providing their services will be their own. There will be on deduction of money by Ben4hire.

Ben4hire has such a dynamic, friendly system that through its unique payment system, it ensures the alignment among the expectations of both the parties. Freelancers will be able to withdraw their money easily.

Remarkable number of freelancers and business oriented clients has already joined this platform for getting the best of the best results of their services and Ben4hire makes it easier to access the desired service immediately.

“We all know that to find a traditional job is not an easy task itself and as the world has been transformed into global village so we can’t deny the worth of digital media. Through digital media one can easily find a well-reputable job for surviving purposes. And freelance marketplace is the marvelous choice to start a business or earn money online from home for home” says Ben Bander Abudawood, Founder of”Ben4hire freelance marketplace provides fast and easy way platform to everyone either there is a mom or a student or freelancers, a well-established renown business man or a small home based tutor, everybody can be part of ben4hire, for exchanging their services with different freelancers and different prices rate. This platform is best for them as there is no commission in their services whatever these guys earn, will be totally for them. And we will make sure to market the platform reach more people who need their services.”

Ben4hire has unique job prices plan payment method, comprises on:

  • Pro Plan
  • Elite Plan

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