Fresh Start to Your Social Media Strategy in this Pandemic

Social Media Strategy

We are living in an uncertain time and this fact cannot be negated. The pandemic has left us with two options, either to survive or to give up. The choice is entirely ours.  To be in the list of those who have been successful amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to change our strategies as per the situation.

Businesses have been affected badly like the other areas of life and people have changed the ways of doing things for better. Just like wearing a face mask is crucial, changing the strategies for your business is crucial too. 

You can do that by adapting social media strategy for your business or you can look for the available SEO services in Pakistan to do the needful for you.

Here are the 5 best strategies to stick to which will prevent your business from drowning.

Use social media platforms to be in contact with your customers

Staying connected through different social media apps is what makes long-distance relationships alive in this time of uncertainty and the same is what businesses are  trying to do. They are not letting their bond with customers be affected by covid-19. As a business owner, you need to connect with your customers. If you aren’t already  connected, you just simply need to make official accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, and  Instagram.

By doing so you would not only be able to notify about your upcoming services or products, but also get reviews and suggestions to help you make strategies. It will help you gain loyal and regular customers.

Improve your ranking in search engine

This happens when your social media shares are maximized. It is common among customers to overview your social media profile before they directly visit your website. They do so to have a better understanding of your price, the quality you offer, and the services you provide. Thus, the more visits to your profile, the more it will boost your chances to get top-ranked in search engines. This can be done by making your business profiles attractive and captivating.

 The businesses further provide full knowledge to their customers about their products by mentioning proper details like price, items, and the availability of different sizes and colors. You can also track your ranking on social media platforms through innumerable free tools such as Tiny Rocket and Pro Rank Tracker.

Stay updated about every single step your competitors take

What are your thoughts on the phrase which says “everything is permissible in love and war”? Saying this won’t be wrong that Social media helps you spy on your enemies. Through getting an idea of what your competitors are up to, you can manage your business to rank high in every factor.

However, just like echo isn’t the same when it returns; the same way every possible strategy of the other business might not suit your business type. It is thus advisable to not just copy and implement, rather make some changes according to what will help you attract buyers. To make it simple, customize your strategy as per your audience.

Try to build a trustworthy relationship with your Consumers

Research conducted by a social media examiner proved that 79 percent of business owners agreed to the idea that social media also serves to gain loyal customers by creating a fan base. Before you post on your social media profiles care must be taken of certain factors such as the content should be unique, attractive, original, and relatable.

Many of the companies collaborate with influencers who have a huge number of audience and a maintained fan base. By doing so businesses attract customers through the promotion of their products and services. Businesses specifically target influencers because many people who follow them or buy YouTube subscribers also put trust in their recommendations.

Offer discounts and other offers

You would never want to miss an opportunity that allows you to get complimentary services or products. Isn’t it so? This method can be used as an amazing strategy to increase your sales regardless of what your business type is. Customers will start following you and will stay tuned to each of your updates hoping anything that is favorable to them.  

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