Get Your Glow On: 6 Best Facials For Acne Scars

Get Your Glow On: 6 Best Facials For Acne Scars

Do your acne scars change how the world sees you? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people will develop acne at some stage in their life – and even a mild case can leave its mark.

Thankfully, you don’t have to live with those unsightly blemishes forever. Professional facials for acne can help reduce the appearance of scars and give your skin a smoother finish.

Read on to learn about the best facials for your skin type and condition – and get ready to put your best face forward!

Dermabrasion and Exfoliating Facials

Among the different types of facials for acne scarring, this is definitely a classic.

Deep exfoliation is used to remove dead and dying skin cells, revealing a healthy glowing layer below. This treatment helps reduce visible discoloration, especially on lighter skin tones.

Keep in mind that dermabrasion can only be performed on completely healed scars.

Microneedling and Collagen Facials

This state of the art treatment is one of the best facials for acne scars that impact your skin’s texture. It uses a large number of tiny pinpricks to stimulate collagen production in the skin, helping to smooth out bumps and dents left behind by old breakouts. You can also opt for derma roller treatment for a smoother skin.

Miicroneedling can be performed on all skin tones, but it’s important to note that you might experience scabbing and peeling after. Consider when you should get facials to avoid going out much during this process.

Chemical Peels and Rejuvenating Facials

Chemical peels have been used during facials for acne for decades – and for a good reason. When used properly, they can literally shave years off your skin’s surface, revealing the healthy and smooth dermis below.

Depending on the type of scarring you hope to treat, phenol, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid might be applied. These treatments can make your skin sensitive to light and temperature changes, so plan for a few days indoors just after your facial.

Prevent Future Scarring

Of course, the very best way to prevent acne scarring is to get your breakouts under control as quickly as possible.

Bad habits like picking and squeezing and smoking cigarettes can also increase scarring, so curb these if you can. For some skin tones, UV exposure and dry weather can also worsen discoloration and hyperpigmentation. So, be sure to wear sun protection and keep your climate in mind when designing a skincare routine.

The Best Facials for Acne

With this article as your guide, you’re ready to hit the spa.

Keep in mind that you might need to try a few different facials for acne before finding one that really works for you. Be patient, and follow our top tips for preventing future scarring in between treatments. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping out with a fresh and glowing face!

If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our health and lifestyle guides. Who knows what else you might learn!

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