Getaway: 7 Great Things To Do in Swan Valley, Australia

7 Great Things To Do in Swan Valley, Australia

If you are planning a trip down under, be sure to include Swan Valley. This picturesque place in Western Australia is a part of the country’s oldest wine region and is filled with exciting and entertaining things to do.

Filled with historical sites, fantastic food, local wineries, and an abundance of nature Swan Valley isn’t a place to miss. Want to learn more? Keep reading for our list of 7 great things to do in Swan Valley.

1. Enjoy A River Cruise

There are few things more relaxing than enjoying a nice cruise along the Swan River in the Australian sunshine. These cruises are offered as both half-day and full-day experiences, depending on your personal preference.

On the cruise, you’ll enjoy the expansive views of the Swan River as you sail into the valley.

2. Take A Wine Tour

You simply can not visit Swan Valley without experiencing the wine that this region is famous for. And why limit yourself to only visiting one place? Instead, sign up for a magical wine tour so that you truly get a taste for what this region has to offer.

D’Vine Wine Tours are the perfect way to spend your day in Swan Valley.

3. Visit The Wildlife Park

Does spending some time cuddled up to kangaroos sounds like heaven to you? Then you can’t miss the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Here you’ll get up close and personal with kangaroos, lizards, wombats, and koalas for the true down under wildlife experience.

4. Explore The Local Area

If taking the path less traveled is more your style, then be sure to visit the Guildford Heritage Walk Trails. These trails take you down a historical journey as you explore a town established in 1829.

Or, if nature trails sound more appealing to you, be sure to visit Noble Falls. This 2.1-mile trail comes with a lovely view of wildflowers and a waterfall.

5. Indulge At The Chocolate Factory

If you are in the mood for a sweet snack, be sure to stop by the Margaret River Chocolate Company.

This popular spot offers sweet samples of delicious locally made chocolate, perfect for an after-dinner delight.

6. Have A Family Fun Day At The Maze

The Maze is the perfect place for a full out family fun day. With mazes, water slides, and mini-golf, this stop is sure to keep any little members of your travel crew smiling all day.

Sit back and relax as they splash around under the giant tipping bucket or forget their lefts and rights in a challenging maze

7. Dine At The Guildford Hotel

For a historic night out, be sure to dine in at the Guildford Hotel. This 19th-century location has two stories of historic decor before you reach the beer garden.

Here you can sit back and relax as you enjoy a nice cold brew and some delicious food.

Enjoy These Things To Do In Swan Valley

From sipping fine wine to petting kangaroos, there are many things to do in Swan Valley. This location is the perfect laid back western Australia getaway.

Be sure to keep this list of activities in mind when planning your trip. For more articles like this, check back at our blog!

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