Getting Ready: 5 Types of School Supplies You Need To Know About

Getting Ready: 5 Types of School Supplies You Need To Know About

Are you a college student that’s looking to get ahead of the curve by stocking up on next semester’s school supplies now? Are you a parent that has to buy supplies for a couple of children and need to budget accordingly?

In either case, you’ll want to see what the must-have supplies are so that you can get ahead in your planning. Otherwise, you may get yourself or your child’s classroom supplies that they don’t even use.

See below for a thorough list of what school supplies are essential to your list. Be sure to stock up on them all before next semester begins.

1. Folders

To ensure that you, your son, or your daughter are prepared for the semester, you need to prepare them for their organizational skills. That’s not always an easy thing to teach if you can’t be with them while they attend their classes.

Fortunately, you can invest in custom office supplies and invest in things like file folders to help them sort their projects, their homework, extra credit, and so on. The more that you prioritize an organization, the more improvement that you’ll see.

If they’re younger, then you’ll want to spice it up by getting them folders with their favorite cartoons or shows on them. One helpful trick is to get them a different folder for each subject to teach them organization.

For example, you could get them a Super Monsters folder for math, a Bluey folder for science, DC Super Hero Girs for History, you get the idea!

2. Notebooks

Did you know that significant research has proven that writing stuff down helps you retain the information that you learn? Studies have shown that you will remember info longer if you handwrite it.

Did you catch that last part? If you handwrite it. Not type it. Not tweet it. Not text it to your mother or father. Why? Because you’re more attentive to the information you’re handwriting. You’re essentially doubling-down on the information.

First things first, you need to give yourself or your children an ample amount of paper to write stuff down on this year.  Many people suggest getting at least one 100-sheet notebook for each subject/class. This ensures they won’t run out of the room.

If you/they end up using a small portion of the notebook, then it’s one less notebook you have to buy for next year!

It’s important to note that people learn in different ways. You or your child might not write very fast, in which case there is a trade-off occurring. Yes, you’re retaining the info you write, but you’re also missing key information while taking the time to write diligently.

Not every word needs to be written down to remember the info. Learn to summarize. For example, if during a lecture the teacher says “dopamine is considered the ‘feel-good hormone’ of the body, just write in your notes “dopamine− the “feel-good” hormone.

3. Writing Utensils

Of course, to write those notes and finish your homework by hand, you’ll need writing utensils. This brings us to one of the most heated debates known to man: pen or pencil.

The truth is that, while everyone has their preference, there’s a place for both in your education. Pens are essential for note-taking and performing math problems, as they allow you to retrace your steps while you learn.

However, a pen is a great tool for learning as well. Many people prefer the feel of it and the fact that it won’t break and cause you to use a pencil sharpener during a lecture.

Pens also create more accountability. A student is forced to pay more attention to what they’re writing to avoid making mistakes, which can help them retain the information more.

Make sure to stock up on both. Purchase a pen/pencil bag or pencil box so they can have as many as they need.

4. Backpack

To get those items from place to place, you need to ensure that you’ve got a worthwhile backpack.

They serve two purposes: aesthetic and organization. Most people lean on the former when selecting the backpack they want to carry around. If you’re shopping for a kid, they may want to buy the backpack with their favorite character or show on it.

Simply make sure that the bag has enough room for their supplies and that it isn’t too large or too big for them to carry around. As long as it’s comfortable and efficient, you’re ready to go!

5. Student Planner

Nothing holds a student more accountable than an agenda or planner. If you’re shopping for a student, then keep in mind that their school might provide one for them.

If not, then it’s advantageous to purchase one anyway. Doing so is one of the few ways you can stay on top of their progress (unless you are homeschooling them). Every night when they come home, you can look at their planner and see what homework they have.

If you’re a high school or college kid, then the planner can help you organize your studies from class to class. Make sure to keep updating the planner regularly.

Invest in the Right School Supplies for Your Child

Now that you have seen all the different types of school supplies that you should consider for you or your child, it’s time to do so.

The supplies you give them can give them an advantage over their classmates. Before school starts back up, make sure you show them how to use each of the supplies the best way.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on school supplies, as well as many other helpful articles.

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