Ghost Mannequin Photography: Popular Trend in the Fashion Industry

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Fashion industry is one of the very first industries that existed since the very beginning of the civilization. Clothing is something that has been the fundamental aspect of a civilized society. No civilized person can be imagines with no clothing. If you go to the remote parts of the world now, you see even if very minimal, even native desert dwellers or bush people are now wearing some type of clothing. They might not quality for so called fashion items as we know it, but clothing they are never the less. Now after all these years, fashion industry evolved so much that innovative product marketing methods, such as ghost mannequin photography, is being used to promote fashion items.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

How many types of photography areas out there is impossible to count. You can keep counting but there will be always someone coming up with new way to shoot. Just the same way, some creative minds got together, or it is just one person who started the ghost mannequin photography?

Whoever started the ghost mannequin photography for fashion items, it was a super hit. Now the fashion industry cannot even imagine promoting their fashion items without the use of this innovative photography method.

It takes professional photo editing service providers along with commercial product photographers to come up with such photography. A photographer himself cannot simply shoot a clothing product and call it ghost mannequin photography. A specialized type of photo editing is needed to come up with the look that is called ghost mannequin photography.

In this type of photography, dolls or cloth mannequin is used to photograph the shirt or pants or other clothing items. We all see the fashion mannequins in the clothing stores. We are so used to seeing them that we don’t even think much of them. They are there for a reason and are expected to be there.

However, when it comes to online stores, tis a whole new arena. Having a shirt on a mannequin is merely not enough. The item needs to be edited in such a way that produces a ghost look. This ghost look is what we know as ghost mannequin photography.

Why professional photo editing is Needed for Ghost Photography?

The process of producing a ghost look on a clothing photography is so complex that an average product seller cannot do it on their own. Also, when a full-blown brand owner sells hundreds or even thousands of items, they don’t have time to do the editing on their own. This is where the professionals come in to play. No mannequin photography can be deemed as complete without the use of professional photo editing.

A fashion brand that sells thousands and thousands of items online, why in the world that brand owner will try to even edit the images on their own? It only takes a few dollars per image to produce the ghost look on the clothing item. The entire cost is the part of the total production and marketing cost that is deemed to be essential for the product marketing. Only professional retouch studio can deliver hundreds of images edited and ready to be published in a timely manner. This is why professional photo editing is needed for the ghost edit.

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