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Gift Project USA Providing Basic Goods for Homeless Through Vending Machines Around USA

 Homeless numbers are skyrocketing around the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Gift Project USA is organizing a 5 year campaign to help the homeless through vending machines accessible by official Gift Card Project USA gift cards given to the homeless in cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.

The needs of most homeless people are fundamental ones like looking the next meal or shelter from the cold. For this reason, Gift Card Project USA is putting vending machines with things like blankets, snacks, water bottles in large cities around the country.

Gift Card Project USA was formed by Ryan Bilodeau

. Its stage 2 of efforts come on heels of 5 years of helping the homeless through recruiting people around the USA to carry fast food gift cards in their own neighborhoods that they can give to the homeless.

Gift Card Project was founded by Ryan Bilodeau who desired to bring together volunteers and the people they are helping. Dropping off canned goods at a food pantry helps the homeless, but it does not bring people together for a conversation in addition to the food. The homeless do not just hunger for food but also for meaningful relationships and hope during a difficult time in their life.

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