Glass Art Care & Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Glass Art Care

Whether you are a passionate home decorator, a lifelong art collector, or a professional glass artist, your art collection is a symbolic representation of your personality.

Like any other investment, your masterpieces require maintenance to preserve their value and longevity. Routine care of your artworks and art glass supplies is imperative to ensure you can create something out of the world.

In this article, we’ve curated practical glass art care & maintenance tips for newbie artists. So, let’s scroll down and find out:

#1 Avoid Direct Sunlight

Glass Art Care & Maintenance Tips For Beginners 1

Exposure to extreme sunlight can damage the glass artworks. But, the invisible UV rays of the sun cause the maximum damage. The colors and other intricate designs on the toughened glass art are prone to surface degradation or bleaching from the sun’s rays. But, what’s more, the pigments in oils or acrylics may fade over time.

It is highly advisable to keep your art pieces in shade where they are not exposed to sunlight from skylights or windows, also stay clear of high-energy fluorescent overhead lights.

#2. Clean Your Art Glass Pieces

Start with cleaning the art glass top to down, avoid any chemical cleaning agent on the glass. Soak the cleaning wipes in water and wipe it across the artwork carefully, from the center to the edges.

It removes any contamination such as dust, and dirt from the glass.

Specific Instructions to Follow:

  • Avoid any chemical softener when cleaning your glass.
  • Never scratch the glass surface with ceramic or metal tools.
  • Avoid polishing the glass surface using abrasive materials.
  • Do not use kitchen cleaning towels as they are harsh.
  • Refrain yourself from using any substance that promises that it will improve the surface quality such as silicon spray.

Always refer to the instructions on cleaning art of different mediums.

Materials Recommended When Cleaning Art Glass:

  • A soft cotton cloth.
  • A synthetic microfiber wipe with no chemical softener.
  • Opt for a household glass cleaning continuing no ammonia and having a low level of tension in the spray bottle.
  • Wear powder-free, one-way gloves when cleaning your artwork. Also, you can prefer wall art on glass that looks best on your home.

#3. Don’t Forget the Drying

After cleaning your glass artwork with soapy water, don’t make the mistake of not drying it properly to every nook and corner. Because the minerals present in the water would leave a residue which can have damage and leave spots on your glass art. Ensure that you are using a soft cloth to avoid any scratches on the glass.

#4. Handle With Care

Moving a piece of art to another room, taking it for art shows or shifting your studio, requires gentle care. Make sure you always pack each art piece individually, try not to jostle them.

Ask for professional help with loading and unloading your artworks from your vehicle. Whatever is the case, each piece of artwork is designed and developed from your sweet, so handle with care.


In the end, it is also indispensable to store your artwork safely. Prepare the perfect room environment that suits the type of your art pieces. Prevent dirt, dust, and debris from setting on your glass artworks. Ensure the material in which you store all your art pieces is synthetic-free, so there is no bad chemical reaction.

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