Glasses to Match Your Digital Nomad Life

Glasses to Match Your Digital Nomad Life

What is a digital nomad? A digital nomad is someone who travels around the globe and works remotely. You can travel to any destination and take up any freelance job to support your livelihood. You work while you travel. 

Living a nomadic life while doing hustles to support yourself might sound interesting and fun. You are travel to different places that you want to. You enjoy the unrestrained life. Also, dedicate your time enough for your livelihood. Your balance between work and play. And to aid this dynamic life of yours, you will need better tools. If you are a glasses wearer, you will need the best glasses to support your lifestyle.

What are the best glasses for digital nomads?

As a digital nomad, you travel a lot and work in different light conditions. Sometimes you work from a cafe, a hotel room or in the middle of nowhere road. Your place of work is not fixed. The weather, sunlight or other conditions vary a lot. What matters to you is that you can find a place to sit and work on your computer. For a nomad, an ergonomic chair or silent office is the least of the concerns. For such unusual workplaces, the only reliable tool that you can have are eyeglasses.

Blue light glasses

Blue light blocker glasses block blue light rays emitted from digital screens, LEDs and natural light. These glasses give you a clear and comfortable vision allowing you to work on a computer without feeling any eye pain. Blue lights strain your eyes and make them tired. You also suffer from computer vision syndrome if you stay on a computer for a long time.

Wearing blue light blocker glasses can avoid this. You do not suffer from this syndrome and can even pull extra hours if you are chasing a deadline.

Try X-Blue UV lenses from Specscart. These blue light lenses block 99.99 per cent of blue lights and give clear and comfortable vision. And another added advantage is the anti-UV layer. These glasses can block all the harmful UV rays and keep your eyes protected. You can wear these glasses while travelling and also when you are working on the computer. 

Transition glasses

Transition glasses, also known as photochromic glasses, are slightly costlier than blue light blocker glasses but more cost-effective. These glasses turn darker shade when exposed to bright light. They fade back when they are in normal light or dim light. You can use these glasses as sunglasses when going out in the harsh sunlight. 

Transition glasses adjust the shade of the lenses and give you a comfortable and clear vision. You don’t have to squint your eyes or shield your eyes to see the sun. You can even work on your computer even when you are out in the sun. Your glasses adjust to the light outside and give you the best view and functions. 

Also, these glasses block blue lights from every light source. UVA and UVB rays are also blocked by these glasses. They are cost-effective and highly recommended if you are constantly on a move. Moving into a dimly lit from bright outdoors and vice versa hinders your vision. Wearing these glasses make this transition smooth.

For non-glasses wearer

Working on a computer for long hours can make your eyes hurt. Especially for nomadic life, where you put in extra hours to complete your deliverables, you need glasses to keep your eyes strain-free. Working long hours can make your eyes hurt and also affect your productivity. This put you at risk of defaulting on your deadline and not getting paid. Most digital nomads earn based on contracts. Not getting paid puts you in red. You are already living on a limited budget to support your travel expenses, and not getting paid for your work makes your plans go haywire. By wearing appropriate glasses, you can at least avoid getting eye pain and headache from excessive work.

Even if you have perfect vision, you are prone to blue light rays from the computer screen. Working long hours on digital devices can also hurt your eyes. You can wear glasses when working. Doing this can reduce your eye pain and fatigue. Also, wearing glasses is fashionable if you are wearing ones with a cool style. Glasses are prominent, and when you work while wearing a fashionable pair of glasses, you look stunning and captivating.

You can choose fashionable sunglasses or tinted glasses to make yourself look even more stylish. You can click cool pics for your social media accounts and make your travelling experiences look phenomenal. Both in terms of your looks and your enjoyment while travelling.

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