God of War, the game director would like the title also on PC

God of War, the game director would like the title also on PC 1

There are not too many titles like the death stranding of Kojima Productions. It’s one of the strangest and yet somehow hardest games to play any time. The view of Sam, played by Norman Reedus, is quite unreal. If you don’t know the story, he has a lot of responsibility to connect to a fractured society in order to unite people as they once were. There’s of course a lot of walking in a delivery game. And Sam’s act of holding his baby companion B.B happy. You hold as a reference absorbed throughout the ride. Fans have enjoyed their time since the match started in the beginning of November. Luckily, the small text issue is not unknown. Kojima Productions recently took the time for a major update on Twitter to discuss these common concerns. Players can change the text according to their preferences in this update. The goal here is to make the gameplay of Death Stranding so easy to use. Whether rummaging through emails or reading from characters dialogue, you won’t have to squint your reading glasses anymore. This is not also the only shift that happens with the December update. Kojima Productions also said that it is working to make cars available to individual users…..

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In these very first days of November, when the videogame world is boiling between Death Stranding and BlizzCon 2019, an announcement has perhaps gone too quietly. As rumored for some time, in fact, the work of Kojima Productions will arrive next year on PC. A historically important landing, given the great role played by Sony in the development of the title, and which could perhaps pave the way for other conversions. This is at least what the famous Cory Barlog hopes for his God of War.

To launch this news was nothing less than the game director of the latest adventure of Kratos , who answered a decidedly direct question on his official Twitter profile. You know, I’d really love to see God of War playable on PC. Unfortunately, it is a decision that does not belong to me: as you are well aware, I am not Kojima “replied Cory Barlog to the fan. A declaration that, for the avoidance of misunderstandings, therefore does not confirm anything about it but which certifies that the famous game director is decidedly in favor of the landing of the saga on PC.

Obviously, and it is fair to say, a decision of this magnitude does not absolutely belong to a game designer, however important, but rather to Sony itself which will hardly approve the landing of one of its major IPs on a platform not created by the Japanese company. Never say never anyway and, after the fall of the cross-play wall, maybe one day we will enjoy God of War also on PC natively.

What do you think of this news and the words of Cory Barlog? According to you, we will never see God of War on PC or is it unfortunately a hardly achievable utopia?

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