Handmade Jewelry Trends in 2021

Handmade Jewelry Trends in 2021

One of the loveliest things 2020 taught us was a renewed love of making things by hand. Jewelry trends for 2021 are no exception. It doesn’t matter if you don’t leave the house much, each day is worth celebrating. What better way to do it than with an exquisite piece of handmade jewelry?

As we make our way bravely through 2021, handmade jewelry remains popular with these trends leading the way.

Fresh Fibers

Ribbon, string, sari silk, yarn, and embroidery floss are all the rage to add a pop of color and silky texture. Adding fibers is an affordable way to elevate handmade costume jewelry, lending drama and softness to the look.

Organza ribbons give a sense of romance, while pure cotton ribbon gives a piece a bohemian feel. 

Embroidered fashion jewelry items have a three-dimensional layered look, which is both classy, unexpected, and ultra-fresh. 

Natural Neutrals

Go for a walk in nature, bring back a memento, and work it into your latest jewelry piece. From sticks to stones, or feathers, all of it becomes elements of uniquely wearable artwork. Sticks can be used as they are, or coated in gold leaf. Tiny stones can be painted, wrapped in jewelry wire, and worn as pendants or earrings.

Up Close and Personal

Personalized homemade jewelry is more popular than ever in 2021. But this year, personal goes way beyond initials, a name, or carved dates.

Location Reminders

Incorporate GPS coordinates of a significant shared place into your homemade jewelry. Resin and numbers are wonderfully versatile. The combination will give loads of options for treasuring location memories that are both unique and breathtaking.

Bring in Natural Birthstones

Incorporate your friend’s birthstone into a pendant or bracelet, such as this bead collection that would work for a December birthday. Birthstones are meaningful and make a unique gift that they will treasure.

Don’t limit your jewelry to pendants and bracelets. Hair clasps can be statement pieces when paired with the right outfit too.  

Seashore Inspiration

So much 2021 jewelry inspiration can be found on a beach walk. Pastel-colored shells make beautiful necklaces and earrings. Tiny seashells make exquisite ring decorations.

Small pieces of washed-up coral can be set in resin and worn around a tanned neck to bring an instant memory of carefree beach days.

Cobble beaches offer perfect, tiny stones that will rival pearls when strung together and draped around a neck.

Magical Metals

Don’t be scared to mix your metals. 2021 is the year of pushing boundaries and embracing contrasts. Pair up gold with common washers from the garage. Find antique brass and copper beads and string them up together. 

Mixed metals tend to reflect off each other, creating a warm symmetry that looks rich and exotic.

Handmade Jewelry Takes Centerstage in 2021

As we learn to live again and embrace what truly matters, 2021 handmade jewelry trends take us back to things that really matter. Finding your personal style in the middle of the latest trends is a simple matter of finding what brings you joy.

For more 2021 fashion and jewelry trends, click on the fashion tab. 

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