Have Better Periods with These Holistic Products

Have Better Periods with These Holistic Products

We all know that there are many ways to deal with cramps and irregular periods. It can be in synthetic medications like Midol or birth control. However, there are many natural ways to regulate your period, ease PMS symptoms, and reduce cramps.

Why use Holistic Products?

Holistic health products are ideal because they improve health over the long term. They help more on a preventative level than Western medicine’s approach. Western medicine tends to treat things as they come up instead of working with preventive measures.

What kind of Holistic Products Can I Use?

There are numerous options:

  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Herbal tinctures
  • Herbal tea
  • Topical ointments (for cramps)
  • Heating element (for cramps)

Supplements and an herbalistic approach can help with hormone regulation which will help with acne and PMS symptoms. Some herbal teas are really great for combating menstrual cramps. We recommend raspberry leaf tea as it helps strengthen the uterus. It makes for fewer cramps and a more regulated reproductive system.

What are some other ways I can improve my reproductive health?

A holistic approach means whole-person wellness. It is true that what you put in your body nutritionally matters. It is also super important to remember the quality of tampons or menstrual pads you might be using. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can cause inflammation and disrupt your hormone levels. Menstrual cups and period panties are great alternatives. Also, Rael makes excellent products that are chemical and dye-free. They include:

  • Single-use heating patches
  • Period underwear
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Pads
  • Tampons
  • Liners

Don’t forget to keep your coochie clean.

Another way to keep that holistic approach steady is to be sure to keep your vulva clean. It will help the vagina as it cleans itself. It is a self-cleaning organ. It is necessary to take care of your vagina. Rael makes some beautiful, natural vulva wipes. They know that no one likes to deal with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Using vulva wipes will keep harmful bacteria at bay and keep you smelling fresh. They will also help reduce inflammation in your vulva region. There are best probiotics for vagina

available in the market that women can use.

And remember, you’re helping the environment.

When you choose a holistic approach, you are often saying no to companies that are not ethical regarding environmentalism. Using less toxic natural products creates a less dangerous world. It is a win-win situation. You have better health, and so does the earth. It is an approach that we could all benefit from, but even more so, our grandchildren.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to your reproductive health, a holistic, preventative approach is necessary. There are many excellent products out there to help you navigate this world of holistic reproductive health. What you put into your body will make a world of difference to your health. You will find that your hormones will be more regulated, and your coochie will be clean. Holistic health practices will put painful cramps at bay. It is considered the best practice for your overall health and longevity. Take care of your coochie!

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