Having It All: How to Be Effective in Studies and at Work

Effective in Studies and at Work

University is more than the time needed for attending lectures. You are expected to complete your assignments, study, and even pursue a part-time job or two. The idea of managing all this can be daunting.

But with a bit of planning, you can tackle all your responsibilities. Take a look at our suggestions on how you can efficiently handle both studies and work.

1. Plan Ahead

It is not always possible for you to just cross the bridge when you come to it. When you have multiple assignments to submit, study for exams, and perform well in work, a little planning could go a long way.

Regarding your school schedule, make sure you consult your course syllabus, lectures and note all the upcoming deadlines. Allocate sufficient time to complete this and adjust your work accordingly. It is best that you plan every week, so you do not miss any targets.

2. Get help When Needed

More often than not, students tend to take on more responsibilities than they can handle. Thanks to the competitive educational landscape, the continuous lectures and pile of term papers can be overwhelming.

If you need help to keep up with the fast pace of academics, do not hesitate to try an online tutoring platform for tough subjects. It can help you maintain your grades whole you take on other responsibilities.

3. Inform your Employer

When you are a student, the priority is best given to academics. Moreover, employers who take on students are aware of their academic demands as well. That said, it is your responsibility to ensure that your studying part does not interfere with your work.

The best way to approach this is to be transparent with your employer. This will allow you to rearrange your work schedule – in case you need to finish an assignment or study for tests. While at it, if you are due an academic interest essay, this guide here can help you craft a top-grade paper. Being upfront about your academic demands might even help you find opportunities that align best with your career goals.

Having It All: How to Be Effective in Studies and at Work 1

4. Prioritize the Tasks

One of the first steps to effectively managing your time is to understand what you can realistically handle. You have to be honest with yourself regarding what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you need to work more on organization, you might have to spend more time to get your schedule right.

At the same time, accept that being a working student means you will have to compromise on things. For instance, you might not be able to hang out with friends as often, not find enough time to go through every single website for the research papers or miss a few classes here and there. At the end of the day, you have to focus on what your priorities are and plan accordingly.

5. Take Advantage of Technology

Your phone has the power to be both the boon and bane. When it is undeniably the number one cause of your distraction, it can also save you plenty of time. There are dozens of apps designed to serve students’ lives and help them maximize their usable time.

For instance, tools such as Grammarly can help you proofread your papers. If you need more professional help with editing, you can visit this site. On the other hand, note-taking apps can help your study materials keep organized. My Study Life can remind you of all upcoming classes, tests, deadlined, and essentially work as your personal assistant. Most of all, your phone can even come to aid with focus apps to stay away from diversions.

6. Manage Stress

Stress has become an unavoidable part of student life. But if you want to perform well in your academics and work, you need to keep your stress at bay. You cannot entirely evade it – but you can find ways to manage it.

No matter what your schedule is, it is paramount that you get adequate sleep. Your brain needs sufficient rest so that you can stay active at your job and work. In addition, do not overlook the importance of healthy meals. Although replacing water with coffee and 2-minute ramen might seem the easier path, it will not help you in the long term. If needed, dedicate one day per week to do meal prep, so you only have to reheat it when it’s time to eat.

Most importantly, remember that college is one of the best years of your life. While it is great to be ambitious, do not let your work overshadow the other experiences that come with college life. Consider managing your job and studies as a challenge – one that many before you have succeeded at. Keep your goals in focus, and follow the tips to figure out your right work-study-social life balance.


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