Healthy Bodies Produce Healthy Brains

Healthy Bodies Produce Healthy Brains 1

Healthy Bodies Produce Healthy Brains

If you think I was wrong in the title of this article, I say no; I have done it on purpose. In contrast to the popular healthy bodies produce healthy brains; here I try to say that physical or bodily health is the consequence of balanced mental health.

Healthy bodies produce healthy brains.If you are not in good physical health; mental health is not going to be the most appropriate. Neglecting your healthy lifestyle habits can affect the mind. For example, if you don’t practice a healthy lifestyle in food and exercise, and you also smoke cigarettes or abuse alcohol, your physical health will suffer and you will develop obesity, chronic cough, and social and family problems. These problems will undoubtedly affect your emotions, that is, your mental health.

But the opposite, and the theme of this article, is also true. If you do not develop habits for balanced mental health, your emotional life will suffer, so you will find a way to compensate for this alteration of your emotions and will be easy prey for drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or excess food. These bad decisions will undoubtedly affect your body health.

Currently it seems that having a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more complicated. Stress, illness, pollution and poor diet are factors that affect overall health.

However, there are alternatives that help protect and improve the body’s health and quality of life.

  • Adequate sleep is essential for a healthy body and life. Sleep is the best defense the body has, so you have to give the body the necessary hours of rest.
  • Exercise, physical activities are the fountain of youth. Practicing a sport regularly, allows weight loss, accelerates metabolism, sleeps better and endorphins are produced.
  • Eat nutritious food. It is important to include in the diet foods that provide benefits. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and cereals. They are indispensable.

The good weather is coming, and it seems to all of us that it is time to make great efforts to show off a good body on the beach. However, with today’s stressful and demanding lifestyle, taking care of yourself becomes more and more important. You can have a fit body  and at the same time be very healthy, which will bring us great benefits.

We give you a few guidelines or tips to follow when deciding to have a healthy lifestyle, which directly affects how we look and feel.As we mentioned above that healthy bodies produce healthy brains. If you follow these tips, you will not only get to the summer well, but you will turn it into a lifestyle that will bring you health and a happier mind.

Do sport

The exercise  is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. It helps us to reach the ideal weight, keeps us more flexible, active and strong and also has an impact on our mental health, since it provides endorphins and a greater sense of security in ourselves. You should do aerobic exercise like walking, running, elliptical or cycling several times a week. We must also take into account the importance of strength exercise, which increases the muscles and stimulates the metabolism.

If you are one of those who are lazy to go to the gym, try to sign up with a friend to support each other, you will see how together it is easier. If not, another good alternative is to go for a walk, about half an hour or an hour a day approximately, this will help you get in shape and also provide you with many benefits that it provides us, such as, among others, preventing osteoporosis, dementia and fighting depression .

Dare to start doing sports and you will see how you start to feel better!

Relaxation and rest

The stress affects our beauty and our mood and even makes us more prone to diseases. That is why relaxation and rest are absolutely necessary for the body to recharge energy. Doing yoga or Pilates twice a week helps us focus. In addition, with physical exercise we will rest better at night. You should also avoid bringing work home, as this is our personal resting space. A relaxed person enjoys a better complexion and less anxiety, one of the reasons why we overeat. You don’t have to be a magician to do magic, follow these tricks: rest, exercise, relaxation … and you’ll see how everything goes better.

Healthy Food

If we play sports and do not take care of what we eat, we will not have a healthy organism no matter how much we aim for it. Eating balanced is the most important thing, without drastic diets that slow down your metabolism. You have to eat foods rich in nutrients but low in calories such as vegetables, fruit or lean meats. Consuming two liters of water a day helps to detoxify the body and not accumulate liquids. Changing eating habits for healthier food is something that will change our body and our health.

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