Here’s What To Do If a Woman Wants To Stay Friends

Woman Wants To Stay Friends

In every man’s life, this happened at least once: he liked a girl, but she offered him to stay friends. It’s hard to put up with this. But the most unpleasant thing in such a situation is that you have little hope. Logic suggests that if you don’t receive a rude “NO,” and the girl is not against communication, then you still have a chance. Perhaps she just didn’t have time to understand how cool you are. So, how to change a situation?

What does “Let’s stay friends” mean?

Perhaps you yourself guess that female “yes” and “no” are not always spoken sincerely. But here lies the danger. Even the hardest “no” is just a test, but “let’s stay friends” often means indifference to you as a man.

A slightly different situation if you were a couple, and you had a serious relationship. The girl offers to stay friends because she wants to leave in fact. There are various reasons for this: it became boring with you, you stopped being interesting to her, and you are no longer perceived as a boyfriend.

What to do?

·   Let her free space

The first thing to do is to break all contacts with this person for some time. This applies not only to face-to-face meetings but also to online communication. Disappear for a few weeks, and check whether she will look for a meeting with you. There is no full guarantee that the relationship will resume after this time; the main thing is that you change and take the first steps into a new life. By the way, you can try Russian dating online in this case.

·   Take care of yourself

Change the style of clothing, communication, and increase the circle of friends. Improve yourself, attend master classes, start playing sports, any changes will only increase the chances of reciprocity. The next time you meet, the woman will certainly notice your transformation.

·   Become a real friend

Remember that if you want to have a real friendship with your ex, then you should really be her friend. This means that you must have time to listen to her. Surprisingly, when you stop being a couple, there are more topics for discussion

, right? To be a friend means discussing her new boys and your girls. Understand that if you give her wrong advice, then she will understand your insidious intentions sooner or later. Perhaps it is better to remain silent on some issues. Friendship after relationships allows you to do a lot of work on mistakes. So, don’t lose such an invaluable opportunity.

·   Remember that she is not your girlfriend

Relationships don’t always end in friendship. As soon as you understand that there can be no talk of friendship, it is better to establish a rigid framework. Of course, after a long relationship, there remains attachment and a sense of care for her, but you need to stop yourself because she is not yours anymore.

·   Don’t involve an ex-girlfriend in a new relationship

Sooner or later you will find a girl who can overshadow all your past relationships. And then your heart will glow with only one. And your ex can greatly interfere in such a relationship. She can say nasty things, she can just be jealous of you. Therefore, remember that new relationships don’t need old anchors. And your ex is such an anchor. So, get rid of her before you start building a new relationship.

·   Set rules

If her interest in you has resumed, then now is the time to dictate your rules. Make the woman regret that she once rejected you, for example, make her jealous. Show that there are a lot of women around who also don’t mind starting a relationship with you, and at this moment, remind her that you are just friends. Just don’t overdo it, so as not to push her away forever.

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