How Artificial Intelligence is Mutating the World?

Artificial Intelligence is Mutating the World

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence there must be multiple questions triggering in your mind. Why all the giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. are investing billions of dollars in AI usages? Why the tech-savvies keep arguing about the emerging fears of AI? Artificial Intelligence has brought some fruits as well as some fears for the world. Well, this article will answer you in many ways as mentioned below:

From domestic chores to industry Artificial intelligence has progressed miraculously in every known field of life. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Augmenting the Economy

To begin with, the revolutionary change in the economic sector, where AI has brought a miraculous change by machine marketing such as the use of computers and mobile phones. These days’ people are worried about WhatsApp and Facebook’s new privacy policy. The reason is that data has emerged as the biggest marketing commodity in this modern marketing world. This is the reason why the big giants are putting billions of dollars in AI usages.

Transforming the Transportation Industry

One of the groundbreaking applications of AI is the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles. Once this concept was just a sci-fi fantasy but now it has been transforming into reality. Let’s take a very practical example of AI, Trucks have been using for 65% of global goods transportation. And with autonomous trucks, maintenance, and administration expenses would reduce to 45%.

Advancement in Small Businesses

Let’s take AI in context of the 3rd world, SMEs are the backbone of some developing countries such as Pakistan.AI equipped tools are becoming the part of Small and Medium Enterprises such as Customer –relationship management (CRM) systems are gathering customer’s data across multiple communication channels. Both product and service-based businesses are using chatbots on their websites to initiate customer communication, and answering their questions. Different people are doing the businesses based on AI tools such as ADA

and this is how AI has brought advancement in Small businesses.

Fears Associated with AI 

Now the denial, that the AI is transforming the world only for good, is merely an act of an ostrich putting his head in the sand. There are certain fears as detailed below:

  • Taking Human instinct out of life

The world should not ignore one of the problems of AI that it is taking over human emotions. Take Online matchmakers, for example, people having similar interests can meet each other through AI-enabled dating applications. They can marry each other based on digital compatibility instead of falling in love. The reality is that AI is trying to control human beings.

  • Loss of certain jobs

Machines are taking over the manual work. On an industrial level AI-based systems and chatbots are taking the e-commerce industry by storm. There will be a time when human beings will suffer from severe unemployment. The emerging competition among AI tools is very alarming.

  • Bots are shaping public opinion through social media.

Moreover, Bots are emerging as a challenge in this world of fake news and misinformation. You must have heard about Israel-based groups of its intelligence agencies that have used these bots to start propaganda. The same groups have used bots to spread the fake news about US elections 2016. Thus, this is one of the dangerous facets of AI in today’s world.

You can conclude that Artificial Intelligence is a human thirst for more knowledge. The man began his journey from hunting animals and ended up with computerization. You have to make sure that computers have goals aligned with yours.

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